Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Review->Hadouken - Music For An Accelerated Culture[2008]

It's been almost a month since their album came out,[on May 5 it was],by Atlantic Records,called "Music For An Accelerated Culture".Hadouken have the coolest lyrics and one of the most stylish singing i've heard in 2008 so far.They previously were working on some great remixes on Bloc Party and Klaxons,and i say the final result was even better than the original songs.You can download some of their remixes at the end of this review,as well as 2 songs from the album.Listening to this album,i got really happy as i didn't notice any bad songs.Every track in it,has its style,its theme,its feeling.Cool fast lyrics describing everyday actions and entertainment,about parties,cool kids in gigs,drinking,and even myspace and msn[in Crank It Up].Fantastic synths and basslines,probably this record is DIOYY's follow-up.It's faster,with great catchy lyrics,and yeh,it's worth listening.


Album Tracklist
1. That Boy That Girl
2. Game Over
3. Declaration Of War
4. Mister Misfortune
5. Crank It Up
6. What She Did
7. 'Driving Nowhere
8. Get Smashed Gate Crash
9. Liquid Lives
10. Spend Your Life
11. Wait For You

Here you can download some of their songs,as mentioned above.There is a folder that explains the songs info as well.

Info:Hadouken,yesterday night,on May 27,were playing in Liverpool among with Does It Offend You,Yeah?,Crystal Castles,Ghost Frequency and XX Teens.Must have been a great night!

And,as always,some fotos and a cool video by Hadouken.Enjoy.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Css new album tracklist,out on July 21

It is well known that Css are working on their new album already.It is gonna be called "Donkey" and it will be released on July 21.The first single,"Left Behind",is gonna come out on July 14.Let's hope that their second album is as good as their debut.It's the difficult part when you're about to release your second album,and you don't know how the audience will take it.But we'll see.Yet,from April 28,they give away one of their new tracks for free download,it is called "Rat Is Dead (Rage)" and you can download it here.
Here's the new album's tracklisting:

Tracklist[By Nme]
'Jåger Yoga'
'Rat is Dead (Rage)'
'Reggae All Night'
'Give Up'
'Left Behind'
'Beautiful Song'
'How I Became Paranoid'
'I Fly'
'Believe Achieve'
'Air Painter'

Css Official Site

HeartsRevolution****the new talk of the town

They're called HeartsRevolution and they come from New York.They are Ben and Leyla and they're the new talk of the town.I say in fact,they're probably better than Crystal Castles.If you were attending an event in La or Ny and afterwards saw a pink ice cream truck with unicorns painted on it,there they were.This truck is called HeartsChallenger,selling ice cream,candy,toys but even mixtapes,t-shirts,graffiti prints,plus button packs.Coool!Among those "products" was their first release,C.Y.O.A.[Choose Your Own Adventure],which is limited to 500 heart-shaped vinyl.
They're about to release a dual-ep with CC.The whole hype-movement with the HeartsChallenger[that is their truck,remember?]is really clever and catchy,and they're planning a world tour with it,starting from La and Ny,to Austin and Miami,and after that,London,Paris and Tokyo!Wow!So you'll be aware next time!That's the DIY spirit!
Here's their CYOA video

Here you can download one of their songs,by their SwitchBlade ep.
I'd say they're one of the best tunes i heard lately.Enjoy!

HeartsRevolution MySpace
HeartsChallenger MySpace
HeartsChallenger Online Store

Monday, 26 May 2008

Party Review->Amateur Boyz party,24/5 in Athens

It was last Saturday,in the centre of Athens.Everyone was there,ElectroNuRaving,something which you don't understand as you walk in Athens' streets and in its nightlife.On the decks were the Amateur Boyz,all night long,djing with their supercool electro tracklists.It is said to be one of the coolest events in Athens,and to tell you the truth,there's not much of it here.Amateur Boyz want to make their own fun,partying,djing with tunes they like and you can't hear anywhere else in our city.They aren't struggling to gain publicity,and this fact is worth respecting.White nurave t-shirts everywhere,everyone's dancing,feeling free,feeling cool.Direct transfer to the "24 hour party people" mood.Probably a must-be party i suppose.

Amateur Boyz MySpace

Help She Can't Swim****are no more

Bad news today fellas.Help She Can't Swim just announced that they decided not to continue with the band.They have been inactive for a while,but who expected it?As they said,"there are a lot of things that the four of us need to do personally that being in the band does not allow".They have released some eps and 2 albums in Fantastic Plastic Records so far.
I still can't get it though.Why a band that creates that much of hype,releases albums and has this success is alive for so little?2 things happen in this music scene.
1]A band gains a fanbase and so,hype from mouth to mouth and myspace,and ends up with an album that is worth listening for just 1-3 tracks.
2]A band becomes successful with the exact same procedures as above,and ends up to its death,sometimes without having released any albums and without a record company.
Either way,there's a problem when these 2 cases occur.
But anyway,Help She Can't Swim said they would keep their myspace page updated with their new music.
If you're lucky enough,you might be able to buy some of their last remaining copies,here
.There's some cheap stuff,don't panic.
Help She Can't Swim
Help She Can't Swim
Help She Can't Swim MySpace

Foals first gig in LA

Uk must be really proud of their forthcoming band,Foals.On May 24,they played their first gig in LA.And guess what?A sold-out gig.The greek frontman,Yannis Philippakis,did a stage diving during the final tracks and they did a 2-song encore later.Foals are known for their live-energy,their excellent guitar combinations and a feeling that nearly noone else has at the moment.Probably one of the best bands at todays music scene.They're going to play some more shows in Us till the end of the week.Let's wish them good luck!

Foals-May 24-Tracklist(by Nme)
'The French Open'
'Olympic Airways'
'Heavy Water'
'Two Steps Twice'
'Red Socks Pugie'
'Electric Bloom'

Foals Official Site

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oh fuck,this is too much!****The Crystal Castles issue

We all know that there have been several issues about stealing songs.And i don't mean the sharing thing.I just got kinda fully informed about the Crystal Castles issue.Oh yeh,this is too much,but what's done is done.I won't try to excuse them,neither to blame them.In fact,i like their music but the "stealing" thing annoyed me,to be honest.Anyway,let's take it all from the start.
Remixing is really grown these days,so it's normal for a lot of tracks to be remixed and sampled without license,alright?But when a band turns mainstream,that's where everything explodes.So what happened with CC?In first step,watch this video.

Well,what's next,in CC' Love And Caring,it is obvious that the beats are really really similar to Covox' Sunday.I don't know what is true or not of all these rumors,but,who knows what CC were trying to do with those songs?That's the bad thing,when everything explodes noone is thinking and considering things from the opposite side.Everyone's angry and mad.
Now,the most important thing for me in this story.The artwork.And more precisely,their debut 7″ record with the black-eyed Madonna on the cover.Which was later used for t-shirts,without the designer's permission.As i got informed,this picture was designed by the graphical designer named Trevor Brown and was used for a cassette cover which was released in1991 by Beast 666 Records.
I say you better read the full story by Trevor Brown's side,at his blog,here
What can someone say?
the crystal castles issue,madonna,cover

Crystal Castles MySpace
Covox MySpace
Trevor Brown

I Haunt Wizards in uk support tour

When we talk about hype,we talk about hype.I Haunt Wizards are preparing their ep,gained their fans and are set for a uk tour which starts on june 13th,supporting Foals,The Holloways and We Smoke Fags.Cool enough eh?This is gonna be in London.I suppose they will have their ep released by that time,who knows?Redhill is gonna be next,on July 4th.With Crystal Castles,Late Of The Pier,Does It Offend You,Yeah? and Lightspeed Champion.The next day is the Zoo8 festival in Kent with The Cribs,Bloc Party,Hadouken.God,can i attend all these events at once?Haha!And a radio broadcast acoustic version of their work in Kerrang radio where they will be interviewed as well.And on August 4th,the big party day.Good-times drinking-dancing.Partyshank,I Haunt Wizards and Glamour For Better will be on stage!That's Brighton mate,that's entertainment,that's 2008.Have fun.

I Haunt Wizards MySpace

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Live Review->CocoRosie,16/5 στο Gagarin

Οι Cocorosie ήταν γαμώ εκείνη τη Παρασκευή.Ντάξει τρίτη φορά ήρθαν,οι περισσότεροι τις έχετε δει i guess.Ε,εγώ πρώτη φορά τις είδα τότε και ενθουσιάστηκα.Ο Tez είναι θεός,beatbox με ένα mic και τα δίνει όλα.What a night!Ο κόσμος πολύς και ορεξάτος,το είδα και μπορώ να πω ότι πραγματικά χάρηκα.Ε τώρα όσον αφορά το ελληνικό support που ήταν,άστο.Άστο γιατί τα έχουμε πει αρκετές φορές νομίζω,χεχε!
Παρακάτω μερικά videos από εκείνο το βράδυ,πάμε ωρέ!

Και το σόλο beatboxing του Tez.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Adam Virgo - fotos

Review->Adam Virgo - V(2008)

Όχι δε πρόκειται για φίλο.Ούτε συμμαθητή μου,ούτε γνωστό μου.Δεν είναι ένα κλασικό review για ελληνικό album το οποίο δοξάζουν.Πρόκειται για τον Adam Virgo τον οποίο πριν από 1-2 βδομάδες βρήκα στο space.Το review γίνεται επειδή κάνει up to date μουσική και τον γουστάρουμε,δε χωράνε κονέ εδώ.Όχι σε αυτό το blog.Ο άνθρωπος που δεν αποκαλύπτεται ποτέ,ούτε στις fotos του.Πάντα με σκυμμένο κεφάλι και πολύ freaky διάθεση.Έκανε ένα ολόκληρο album σπίτι του,DIY φάση,κι έτσι πρέπει αφού εδώ που ζούμε δε ξέρεις ποιον να εμπιστευτείς για καλό ήχο.Το ονόμασε V και σπέρνει μάνες.Μόνο το Needle Dance χρειάστηκε να ακούσω στην αρχή για να πειστώ.Εδώ κάτι γίνεται,λέω.Περίμενα πως και πως να μου έρθει ταχυδρομικώς ολόκληρο το album του.Είναι ο μοναδικός στην Ελλάδα που πιστεύω κάνει ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ ΤΟΥ 2008(γαμώτο δηλαδή,τόσο δύσκολο είναι να το καταλάβουμε;)Open up your mind,dance!,πες τα ρε Adam,με το καλημέρα χώστα,το ιδανικό κομμάτι του για να ανοίξει τον δίσκο,κι έτσι κάνει.We don't give a shit αν δε βρούμε το V στις νέες κυκλοφορίες του Metropolis και του pmw,και στη θέση του βρούμε τους Raining Pleasure,τα έχουμε συνηθίσει αυτά,αλλά χεστήκαμε κιόλας,φλώροι είστε.Αυτό δε σημαίνει όμως ότι θα μείνουμε στάσιμοι.Η παραγωγή του V είναι αρκετά καθαρή αλλά όταν πρόκειται για diy recordings,δε μετράει.Ακολουθεί πιο good times διάθεση με το Two Make One,το Smoke,For Tomorrow,στα φωνητικά θα προτιμούσα λίγο παραπάνω ένταση και ένα τι βρωμιά.Το My Sanctuary είναι το αγαπημένο μου,γαμάτα φωνητικά,γαμάτη μουσική,good times στίχοι,revolutionary feeling.Time is a shortbus,you want the ride,better get up,put on your biggest smile!Ο ίδιος μου αποκάλυψε ότι ετοιμάζει νέο υλικό τώρα,πιο atari music φάση.Δε μας νοιάζει πόσο θα κρατήσει το είδος atari,το γουστάρουμε,είναι σύγχρονο,ξεσηκωτικό,μετά βλέπουμε.Με το καλό όταν ετοιμαστεί το νέο υλικό,εδώ είμαστε εμείς.It's now or never,let's drink forever!,ή τώρα ή ποτέ.
p.s.:Η βαθμολογία αποτελεί την πραγματική βαθμολογία,αν θέλετε τίποτα άλλο για ελληνικά albums,ανοίξτε κάνα περιοδικό και δε θα ξεχωρίζεις ποιο είναι το καλύτερο,χαχα!


Adam Virgo MySpace

Friday, 9 May 2008

Does It Offend You,Yeah? ε;;;ε;;

Πάρτε lyrics να 'χετε. ---We Are Rockstars---(ειδικά με το πρώτο yeah! που φωνάζει,το κομμάτι είναι πώρωση)

You're all rock stars now in a network town
theres no place to go,
to be on your own
making friends and foes
watch the network grow,

Will you find a time
when you're not online
standing all alone,

Where's your real friends now?
you have let them down
you're a download pal.


You're all rock stars now in a network town
theres no place to go,
to be on your own
making friends and foes
watch the network grow,

Will you find a time
when you're not online
standing all alone,

Where's your real friends now?
you have let them down
you're a download pal

Review->Does It Offend You,Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into(2008)

Πρόκειται για τους νέους Crystal Castles στην electroindie μορφή τους.Αν και βγήκαν την ίδια περίοδο,κανένας δεν επηρεάστηκε από κανέναν.Η νέα μόδα της atari sound μουσικής έχει εξαπλωθεί αλλά κανείς δε ρωτάει για το πόσο θα κρατήσει.Λίγα είναι τα ονόματα του είδους που ξεχωρίζουν,ανάμεσά τους και οι Crystal Castles και οι Partyshank.Αλλά στην περίπτωση των DIOYY μιλάμε για Justice και Digitalism style με περισσότερα indie φωνητικά,δηλαδή electroindie.Το είδος για το οποίο λέγαμε πριν κάτι μήνες για τους To My Boy.Έχοντας εξαπλωθεί στο myspace και με τα γαμάτα live με τα οποία οπωσδήποτε σε κάνουν να χορέψεις,τα καταφέρνουν.Ελπίζω όλοι να έχουμε ακούσει το και καλά χιτάκι τους Let's Make Out,κατακτώντας και θέση σε remix τους.Ομολογώ ότι όταν άκουσα τον δίσκο πιο πολύ εντύπωση μου έκανε το We Are Rockstars,αφού το Let's Make Out το είχα λιώσει πιο πριν,χεχε!(βλέπε πάνω post για στίχους,if you know what i mean).Τώρα supportάρουν τους Bloc Party τον Ιούλιο και τον Αύγουστο σε 4 shows στην Καλιφόρνια και στη Νέα Υόρκη.Παραπάνω πληροφορίες και εντυπώσεις,στον δίσκο.


Does It Offend You,Yeah? MySpace

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Review->The Kills - Midnight Boom(2008)

Το μπαμ έχει γίνει από το 2005 με το No Wow,όπου έγινε ο απόλυτος χαμός,με το love is a deserter,το dead road,back of a shell,πωω ρε,αυτά είναι.Βρωμιά στις κιθάρες,garage φάση και δώσε.Φέτος ήρθε το Midnight Boom.Πολύ πιο ώριμο από το No Wow,καλοδουλεμένο,πολύ σιγουριά για τη ροή των κομματιών.Ειδικά όταν έρχεται η σειρά του Tape Song,εε ρε σπάσιμο!Για να μη πω για το U.R.A. Fever το οποίο ανοίγει το album,όλοι θα την έχετε ακούσει την τραγουδάρα..εε;;Οι Kills στον πιο δυναμικό δίσκο τους,να βαράνε με τα songs τους,και να φαίνονται πολύ ορεξάτοι και ready for more.Πάρτε το album τώρααα!


The Kills Blog
The Kills MySpace

16/5/2008 οι Cocorosie στο gagarin!

Έχοντας επισκεφτεί ήδη 2 φορές την χώρα μας,έρχονται να τις κάνουν 3,την Παρασκευή 16 του μηνός.Πρόκειται για 2 αδερφές,οι οποίες συναντήθηκαν στο όμορφο Παρίσι αφού είχαν πολύ καιρό να βρεθούν,κι έτσι ξεκίνησαν οι Cocorosie.Εγώ προσωπικά ήθελα πόσο καιρό να τις δω,οπότε τώρα δε τις χάνω.Και ειδικά με τις 2 δισκάρες που έχουν(για τον τελευταίο πείτε ό,τι θέλετε,γαμάτος είναι).Άντε πάμε όλοι στο show,να γουστάρουμε,30 ευρώ εισιτήριο έχει,ούτε 40 ούτε 45.

θα είναι κι οι δικές μας Berlin Brides..Εμένα live δε μου αρέσουν πάντως,κομμάτια καλά έχουν(αν ξεχάσεις την επιρροή τους από Css,τελοσπάντων,χεχε).