Monday, 7 July 2008

Brand New Bloc Party Single "Mercury"

it sounds like tv on the radio writing electro music
at first i thought "what the fuck is this ? where are the gang of four guitars?"
the answer is simple: they don't use guitars anymore or at least not like they used to
these guys are talented and they don't need indie rock tracks to prove it (once again)

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Cazals - Somebody Somewhere

Kitsune's new sign.

Review-> Albert Hammond Jr - Como Te Llama? [2008]

The Strokes are preparing their new album and Albert is releasing his second one.God knows what's next.Anyway,the result of Como Te Llama isn't as good as i expected.Compared to his first album,it's nothing.But still there are some good tracks in it,worth listening.Hope it's not the end of everything.And it won't be.
The album's beginning is rather interesting.In My Room,number 2 on the tracklist,is a great song.But the whole listening isn't anything special.Getting to Rocket,number 6,i'm starting to think it again.But once again,the next tracks don't surprise me.On the whole,there are 5 tracks in the album that can stand a chance,but cannot be compared to his first album though.

Tracks To Pick:In My Room,Rocket



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