Thursday, 27 November 2008

bloc party- ares (pin me down remix)!

its probably one of the best remix versions.....EVER!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

songs we 'll be djing on friday @open bar!!

franz ferdinand - lucid dreams!(its already been on the radio but its their best song ever...)

love is all - wishing well! (in one word..AMAZING!)

hot silk pockets - whats the matter (its like love is all..fucking great!)

pete and the pirates - ____ (we 'll play anything from pete and the pirates..they are one of
our favourite bands..)

lets wrestle! - i wont lie to you ( cooooooooool!)

xx teens - darlin + the way we were ( uber coooooooool!)

los campesinos! - _____ (we 'll play anything from los campesinos too..absolutely great!)

we 're into a lot of music so probably we 'll just be djing through stuff we feel like listening to on this night..and thats post punk, indie and some new rave stuff....

Monday, 10 November 2008

you 've got to love BEAR HANDS!

bear hands its totally the kind of band that gets you really excited when listening to them for the first time..

they come from brooklyn,new york!

they are 4 guys.. one of them is looking just like devendra banhart..

they make indie, very similar to modest mouse but they 're just so much better than them...

they 've got 2 of the greatest songs for this week at least.. "long lean queen (rac remix)" and "cant stick 'em"

they 've released 1 ep.the "golden" ep...

they 've got mgmt on their top friends and nme has already written something about them which sucks..

they are absolutely cooooooool!!!!!fuck mgmt and nme.....


we got perix mental on our side, we 're alright!!

they are our friends!!
they are cool!
check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Bloc Party ft. Peaches - Helicopter (Weird Science Remix)

akouste ayto to tragoudiiiiii!!ama iste down k thelete n aneveite APLA AKOUSTE TO!! SAS PROEIDOPOIW,me to pou to akousete tha thelete na vgeite eksw k na partareteeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

stolen recordings is the coolest label to be outhere this moment!!!!!

they are the ultimate underground indie label for at least now.....

they have signed two of the best bands for this year!and thats pete and the pirates and lets wrestle!

they represent everything thats cool about music these days!and thats the label's bands, the awesome artwork they 've got and of course their endless diy spirit!

they have signed artefacts for space travel, screaming tea party and tap tap which is like your favourites bands for 2009.....

they are just unbeleivably cooooool! did we mention that?? :P

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Favourite indie anthems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Top 10….)

1. There is a light that never goes out – The Smiths

2. Cigarettes & Alcohol – Oasis

3. Time For Heroes – The Libertines

4. Parklife-Blur

5. Standing In The Way Of Control – Gossip

6. She Bangs The Drums – The Stone Roses

7. Last Nite – The Strokes

8. Golden Skans – Klaxons

9. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

10. Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand

boooooooooooored!!!!!!(when you 're bored you do stuff like this........)

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kap Bambino interview!!(its our first interview!!!!!!!)

- How was the live tonight?

It was great for our first time in athens. It was good suprise. At the end of the show it was really cool.

- Whats the relationship between you two, what makes this great chemistry when on stage?

We are couple

- What do you enjoy the most about kap bambino?

We love to destroy the venues. Tonight the venue was really chique so it was difficult to destroy something.

- How is being on tour?

Its like a war! Its really exciting because every night is different in every country but there is always the same mood with the croud. Everybody wants to have fun and they has a lot of energy. We are always powerful too so its really great.

- Best show you 've ever done?

Its difficult to choose one but for example we just came back from our US tour and we had really great time. Especially in long beach. It was a really nuts. There was an underage party and the kids were all drunk so everyone did crazy things. The Police turned out too and started fighting with the croud. They tried to arrest me too..

- Bands you listen to?

these new puritans,metronomy,suicide,magnetix,black lips,late of the pier.

- How was supporting late of the pier in the uk?

It was great time because these guys are really crazy. We love nottingham!

- So, are you the new crystal castles?

No,their too old.. We started 5 years ago. Crystal castles is totally cheesy.. The only thing you can compare us to theem is that they are a couple too and the girl is screaming on the microphone. We come from rock n roll, metal and noise and they do 8 bit music. 8 bit music is cool but its a little bit boring for us. Of course we like it because we are nerds, but we think the whole game boy movement is over.

- What about the future of kap bambino?

We are realising our new album in March for " because music " label. Its the label of justice,metronomy late of the pier( in france ) and manu chao( laughs.......)

- Your opinions on the whole DIY thing?

We like it,we come from it. We produced our first album by ourselfs but there is also a lot of rubbish in diy. However, we think its cool that we are in 2008 and people want to make music that way..

Saturday, 1 November 2008

why do i absolutely love the Deathset!!!!!!!

1. Because i was just checking out their my space remix profile and its greaaaaaaaaaaat!
2. Because they are so fucking cooooooooooool!
3. Because they dont give a fuck about anything!
4. Because " Negative thiking " ," Around the world " and " Impossible " are amazing!
5. Because even though they 've got that stupid pop-punk feeling in their songs, they are the exact opposite of those posh,dead boring,idiotic bands!
6. Because their live shows are crazyyyy and chaotic!
7. Because they came out from " The Smell "...where Mika Miko started out too.....
8. Because of this photo..........