Monday, 31 August 2009

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize

this is the definition of madness
which one is the most crazy?
you can decide

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Track Of The Day #76 is Lissy Trullie - Boy Boy

Are you aware of Lissy Trullie's existence? Well, if you do that means that either you 're well informed about another decent, girl fronted/indie-pop/cool band out there or...that Broken Beats have been left off the music industry for far too long now. Whatever..So! As far as Lissy is concerned..You should keep in mind 4 things:

1)She is by far the hottest indie girl you 've seen since...the beginning of time actually..
2)She has just signed with Wichita Recordings(Cribs,Bloc Party,Les Savy Fav,Los Campesinos!,Simian Mobile Disco etc etc etc).
3) She is friends with Adam Green and both of them will be supporting The Cribs for their UK tour sometime this fall.
4) Her take on Hot Chip's "Ready For The Floor" might just be better than the original..Yes?No?You decide!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Julian Casablancas - Phrazes For The Young (preview)

first of all i'd like to say that i'm a huge fan of the strokes
i can't be objective towards them
as a matter of fact i didn't really enjoy their side projects like little joy or nickel eye except albert hammond's first album
this is really promising!
even from the preview i get the strokes vibe
no, it doesn't really sound like the strokes but you can hear the strokey guitar on the preview
anyway, it's just a preview but
i'm really fucking excited about this

Track Of The Day 08/25/09 is Pens - Freddy

long time since our last track of the day
we'll try to keep it up

there are some times in your life that you instantly fall in love with a song
that's what happened when i listened to the london girl trio called Pens

you can taste the beauty of their homemade like recordings
indie pop from london girls never tasted so good
Freddy is the song that could make up every day of your life

these wonderful girls are about to release their first album "Hey Friend What You Doing?" on 28th Sept '09
you can preorder it here

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Friday, 21 August 2009


DiD is a band from Italy that have released an excellent single called "Time For Shopping".
we've posted about them before.
SHIRT VS T-SHIRT is a dj duo that picked that single and remixed it.
the result?
you can't ruin such a track by remixing it.
instead you make it a little bit more electronic and dance.
and that's what they did
so we can all dance to it when we will be playing it at our parties.

info:DiD and SHIRT VS T-SHIRT will be playing at disco_nnect festival with LCD Soundsystem.
if you happen to be there,just don't miss them!

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fang Yuan - The Look REVIEW

this is about something we got sent a few days ago
and it is fucking amazing

i would describe it as freestyle dub with something from breakbeat.
listening to "The Look" i often feel like i'm living a fightclub scene.
if i was in charge of its soundtrack,i would definitely pick Fang Yuan for the scene where "homework is to start a fight and lose".
a record where the production allows you to hear everything clearly,from those excellent beats to those melodies that make you mind-travel.
from the first tracks,to the groovy "Bland Practice" and "Don't Want Nobody",i am fascinated by the way this record evolves through the tracks.
it's like a film.
or maybe it is made to be a film.

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Simian Mobile Disco - Temporary Pleasure REVIEW

the masters are back
after the acid house masterpiece "Attack Decay Sustain Release",they have come up with an album that is more into dance pop,maintaining their influences though.
"Audacity Of Huge" came off first as a single,we all loved that video and danced to it.
but this album doesn't count on a single track.10 tracks combining acid house with catchy vocals,that can be played either at your home or at a club.
"Off The Map" is a direct hit that you're gonna be stuck with,while "1000 Horses Can't Be Wrong" is the track that you would die to dance to.

what is worth noticing is that SMD have really worked on the track lenghts,10 songs in 40 minutes,something that happened with their previous album as well.
this results into absorbing the tracks easily and listening to them again and again without bothering you,clever eh?

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Friday, 14 August 2009

Exposed By Observers - Secondhand Youth DOWNLOAD

we didn't really tell you about this
this is our band and we play electropunk
and we give away our EP for free download
so check it out!

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama REVIEW

to be honest,i was totally into Warp 1.9,which was said to be the death of electro,and we played it on our dj sets.
Romborama though can be a little repeatitive,consisting of 21 tracks.
the surprise is the track that features The Cool Kids,called "Awesome",i'm loving it.
but as a whole,i was not so excited listening to Romborama,i'd say i got a little tired.
+that they have an excellent album cover.

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Monday, 3 August 2009

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug REVIEW

i'm 100% sure that a lot of people will get a little confused about Humbug,same thing that happened with Bloc Party's Intimacy.
Josh Homme is on the production role,doing a great work
and Arctic Monkeys are the ones that put their sound to another level.
at first i thought that this is about QOTSA's new album played by Arctic Monkeys combined with something from The Last Shadow Puppets.
it took me about 5 listens to get used to the idea.
in the end i loved it,many hours of hard work are required to build such song structures.
what do you think?

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