Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Track of The Day #85 Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

the other day i was thinking that good indie bands are dead
i can't remember getting excited about indie-rock/indie-punk bands this year as i did other years
i recently discovered these guys
their debut "The Airing of Grievances" was released in April of 2008 by Troubleman Unlimited, and re-released by XL Recordings in January 2009
they are from New Jersey and they make indie punk interesting again
the production is simply brilliant and not flat like most uk indie albums
so much better than your average indie band
this is seriously getting in my top 5 records of the year
their selftitled track is the most catchy track of the album
trust me, you're gonna love it

i must admit that i can't love a band if their gigs aren't crazy
these guys know how to cause mayhem for sure
i'm thinking of visiting new york to see them live

titus andronicus' myspace page

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Titus Andronicus


Tuesday, 29 September 2009


MATHS CLASS are a math-rock/indie/experimental band that formed in Brighton (U.K.), in 2006. They first gained publicity when they approached Shitdisco and asked them if they could support them at their house party. They have released their first single, double A-sided "Emporio Laser"/"Cushion Glamour" in November 2007 and also "Now This Will Take Two Hands", a five-track EP, in July 2008 on Gift Music.

Maths Class have a wide range of influences and have played at the Great Escape festival in May 2007, and the summer festivals Tales Of The Jackalope and Underage Festival.

Artrocker recently described them as "Incredible. Best live band in the country right now".
You should listen the tracks: "Nerves","Emporio Laser" and "Branches"!!!!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

BOOS Radio Sunday Playlist #4

keep dancing

1.pavement - cut your hair
2.jack penate - tonight's today
3.danger mouse & sparklehorse f. julian casablancas - little girl
4.pomegranates - everybody, come outside
5.speech debelle - the key
6.micachu - curly teeth
7.passion pit - i've got your number
8.the xx - crystalised
9.the cribs -emasculate me
10.babyshambles - 8 dead boys
11.arctic monkeys - crying lightning
12.the horrors - i can't control myself
13.the comet gain - love without lies
14.zebra tracks - spare time soundtrack
15.the callas - fuck your god
16.glasvegas - come as you are (nirvana cover)
17.telekinesis! - tokyo
18.the rakes - terror
19.modest mouse - dashboard rebel motorcycle club - berlin
21.the dead weather - treat me like your mother
22.the kills - tape song
23.victory collapse - (greedy) brother
24.late of the pier - focker
25.klaxons - magick
26.crystal castles - alice practice
27.foals - mathletics
28.friendly fires - kiss of life
29.magic wands - black magic
30.julian casablancas - 11th dimension by observers - in my skin

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Drums

The Drums are one of the most refreshing bands of the NYC scene! Their sound is a blend of two different styles - 80's gloom pop and the 50's surf-rock culture. The outcome is really enthralling!!

Let's Go Surfing, is their debut single, released on Moshi Moshi, features New Order-style trebly, melodic bass, and what many are calling "the most infectious whistling line since Peter, Bjorn and John."

The Drums tag bands such as The Smiths, The Legends, The Shangri-Las, The Wake and Joy Division as their main influences.

You should definately check them out!!!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Track Of The Day #84 is Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside!

Yo! So here is something to get you in the autumn/new season/indie pop mood.. Pomegranates hail from Cincinatti, Ohio and they sound totally refreshing. They 've just signed to Heist Or Hit records, a newly formed indie label from the UK which is home to The Answering Machine and LoveLikeFire.

Pomegranates released their debut album last year,"Everything Is Alive" and now they 're up to their second effort called "Everybody, Come Outside". So, if you like Islands or French Kicks then you should probably enjoy these guys too since both of them took Pomegranates on tour with them last year or something..

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Editors are back!!!

Editors are back, with a new album!! The album title was announced as being "In This Light and On This Evening". The track "Papillon" will be the first single out it. The song sounds different (it has a more synthier taste) than anything, the band has done before.... On the first listen, I can't really deside if I like the bands new direction...
During the summer the band also premiered "Bricks And Mortar", "Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool" and "The Big Exit"and it hints that Editors third record will be a very interesting listen. We'll see....

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Are you aware of Telekinesis?

I hope not because then this post is totally useless.. So, Telekinesis is one guy , Michael Benjamin Lerner, he hails from Seattle, US and he does fuckin' awesome music! He 's already released his debut album called Telekinesis and these days he is wandering around Europe in support of his debut and...The Thermals (Broken Beats' favourite band No.4..)!

So! There are two facts that make Telekinesis stand out from all those other shitty bands..#1 is.. They probably own Broken Beats' favourite track for 2k9, "Coast Of Carolina" (ok, scratch that..Broken Beats' favourite track for 2k9 is by far Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies").
#2 They surely though own the greatest, indie-pop track ever made about Japan's capital city, Tokyo! Cheers for that!

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Track of The Day #83 Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension

this is the first track we can hear from jules' debut solo album
it's an electro-pop track
smart synth-guitar sounds, smart beat
can't wait to hear more

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Thursday, 17 September 2009


thank you so much for sending us your tunes!
we like most of the stuff so far

Ledge is an indie pop/rock band from Paris,but don't get the idea of something old.
they are as fresh as our future parties will be!
currently recording their new album,they sent us some tracks
catchy chorus,beautiful synths,are some of their elements
i guess you will be hooked

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Ledge - Friday Night Movies
Ledge - Precious Town

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Track Of The Day #82 is Tap Tap - 100000 Thoughts

So! Tap Tap is the side project of Pete And The Pirate's (Broken Beats' favourite band No.12!) frontman, a guy called Tommy Sanders. Tap Tap are also one of Stolen Recordings' signings and they(he actually..) have already released their debut album LANZAFAME. That's where today's (awesome!) track of the day was also included. Well, there are 3 reasons that we decided to post about Tap Tap today.

1) Album No.2 is "On Its way"..(The album is called "On My Way"...)
2) This new album from Tap Tap will probably be one of the most exciting things about 2k9's discography since lots of Broken Beats' formerly favourite bands have got boring and..
3)As far as "100000 Thoughts" is concerned, David Bowie listed it as one of his favourite songs back in 2007 for a Times article ..Weird...

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

BOOS Radio Sunday Playlist #2

good times people!
1.the dead weather - i cut like a buffalo
2.coin - second! i'm the best1
3.bloc party - one more chance
4.delphic - counterpoint
5.passion pit - sleepyhead
6.the gossip - heavy cross
7.yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll
8.the cribs - hari kari
9.arctic monkeys - pretty visitors
10.mary and the boy - you you you
11.the xx - crystalised
12.the raveonettes - suicide
13.florence and the machine - rabbit heart (raise it up)
14.foals - balloons
15.muse - uprising she can't swim - hospital drama
17.rar:att:agg - can we fix it?
18.digitalism - idealistic
19.soulwax - ny excuse
20.simian mobile disco - audacity of huge
21.the bloody beetroots - awesome (feat. the cool kids)
22.mstrkrft - 1000 cigarettes
23.glamour for better - architechs of discotech (partyshank remix)
24.the black kids - hurricane jane (the twelves remix)
25.little boots - new in town (fred falke remix)
26.radiohead - reckoner (the twelves remix)
27.pens - freddy
28.the boy - cool
29.the boy - giati de xorevete re?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Track Of The Day #81 is TRASH KIT - CADETS

Well, do you ever feel like you need a slap in the face? A riot grrrl/post-punk/indie-pop slap in the face maybe? No worries then... TRASH KIT are here to do that for you! TK is an all 3-piece band from London which sounds exactly like any other female-lo-fi band. Fuckin' great! So, you happen to like Pens or TEETH? This is what's next!

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Friday, 11 September 2009

No Age - Losing Feeling EP

i love these guys
their track "Teen Creeps" would definitely be in my "life's soundtrack"
this is their new EP
and it's fantastic
all the 4 tracks are breathtaking
their sound is slightly clearer but it's nothing you could be upset with
one of the best releases for 2009 by Sub Pop


1.Losing Feeling
3.Aim At The Airport
4.You're A Target

!!You're A Target!!

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Track of The Day #80 is Art Vs Science - Parlez Vous Francais?

"Parlez Vous Francais?Parlez Vous Francais?"
australian nurave trio released their selftitled ep which is pretty good
this is the track that will be stuck on your mind
catchy as hell
for shitdisco,datarock,klaxons,nurave fans

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Track of The Day #79 is Holy Fuck - Jungles

analog synths, delay-distortion pedals, amazing drummer and bassist
and of course
that's what you need to create what these guys can do
massive track
can't wait for the next album

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hitler's Reaction to the Oasis Split

Muse - The Resistance

older stuff meets black holes n revelations
something like queen
stadium rock without being silly

this album is a winner

Monday, 7 September 2009

Track of The Day #78 is Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats

So!Good news! Good Shoes are back with a new single they give away for free. No one really knows whats going on with the follow-up to their 2007 "Think Before You Speak" debut which was awesome by the way.

I think they lost one member in the way ( that member is now into Lime Headed Dog ) and also have been unsigned for quite a long time now which sucks. Anyway, they 've just anounced that they 'll be touring the UK sometime in October. "The Way My Heart Beats" : You want this track!

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

BOOS Radio Sunday Playlist

thanx for listening people
we really enjoyed it


1.the cribs - we were aborted
2.the raveonettes - suicide
3.modest mouse - satellite skin
4.the dead weather - treat me like your mother
5.arctic monkeys - potion approaching
6.the horrors - who can say
7.the joy formidable - austere
8.friendly fires - kiss of life
9.rain machine - give blood
10.zebra tracks - ninja
11.ebony bones! - w.a.r.r.i.o.r.
12.Lets Wrestle - We Are The Men You 'll Grow To Love Soon
13.soulwax - teachers
14.simian mobile disco - off the map
15.fischerspooner - the best revenge(designer drugs remix)
16.the bloody beetroots - warp 1.9(feat. steve aoki)
17.dizzee rascal & armand van helden - bonkers
18.the prodigy - omen
19.mstrkrft - bounce
20.freeland - borderline
21.late of the pier - focker(the shoes remix)
22.death metal disco scene - 21 by observers - (trash it up demo)
24.bee gees - stayin' alive(teddybears remix)
25.soulwax - saturday
26.daft punk - robot rock(soulwax remix)
27.the boy - giati de xorevete re?
28.amanda black - make it take it
29.frankmusik - gotta boyfriend
30.lcd soundsystem - beat connection
31.crystal castles - alice practice
32.heartsrevolution - ultraviolence
33.metronomy - the end of you too
34.kap bambino - dead lazers

Track of The Day #77 is Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life

Friendly fires have returned with a new single!!!
Although the track isn't included in their debut, it keeps the same carnival spirit. Latin dancey beat, catchey chorus, samba dancing and tribal drum rhythm all combined together in an ideal way! Friendly Fires are certainly, our favourite Mercury nomitation for this year. We wish them good luck!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Rain Machine

as you all understood from the picture above,this is about Kyp Malone's side project,guitarist and back vocalist of Tv On The Radio
it is called Rain Machine
as he said about his project,“A nearly full spectrum of frequencies audible to the human ear— a reflection of a variety of emotions and situations real and imagined, some rhythm and some rhyme.”
i've listened to 2 songs so far,which you can download below,"Give Blood" is amazing,it's like listening to tv on the radio's new track
his self-titled album is coming out on September 22nd

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Blood On Our Shoes LINKS

we have created a MySpace account
and we now have our own group at

check them out and join us!

BooS @ MySpace
BooS @

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Beck - The Velvet Underground & Nico REVIEW

what about this?
noone was expecting it,at least i didn't
we had posted a video of him covering "Sunday Morning",but now it appeared that he has covered the whole classic album
with his own sound and style,he turned those 11 tracks into something different,maintaining their original feeling.
better remember the good old days

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Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Sunday Morning' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant REVIEW

From the moment that Johnny Marr,mastered on guitar duties,joined The Cribs for their new album,we all understand that there's gonna be a lot of emphasis on the melody,excellent guitar-playing,and a great album.
That's what kinda happens.47 minutes of indie pop,as The Cribs know how to create it.
"Cheat On Me","City Of Bugs",you can hear Johnny's guitars getting the song to another division.
They definitely need a good record now,after their previous album "Men's Needs,Women's Needs,Whatever",and they seem to have worked it pretty good.

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