Monday, 29 June 2009

LA ROUX album

it was about time,wasn't it?
i guess so

review coming soon

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Sunday morning, praise the dawning
Its just a restless feeling by my side
Early dawning, sunday morning
Its just the wasted years so close behind

Excellent cover,Beck's singing couldn't be better.
The perfect track to wake up to.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Sunday Morning' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Monday, 22 June 2009

3 Tracks Of The Day In One!

Alright! So, under any other circumstances there would be just one track of the day but....!Due to fact 1: Broken Beats are feeling exceptionally goood ad generous today and...fact 2: all 3 of these tracks have been stuck in our heads today(Broken Beats's head is like a mixer today..)!
Here they are:

Bloc Party - One More Chance
This is their summer single probably and its good actually..For once more they 've gone and changed direction with their music heading to something more "pian(o)-ish" this time..Its nice, Its dancey!
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Jack Penate - Tonight Is Today
Ok you are right!This has been around for far too long now and Broken Beats have stuck with it for far too long with too. So for anyone who hasnt heard this before here's your chance to turn away from this and never get stuck with it for the rest of your life..We didnt make it.. fortunately! Btw this is the ultimate track of the summer!Greaaaaaaaaaat stuff!
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Major Lazer - Pon De Floor(Ernold Sane remix)
Soulwax played that at their set on Friday at the Ejekt festival and Broken Beats literally spent the whole night asking people "wow!what was that?"!
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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Radio Playlist #4 rebel motorcycle club - shuffle your feet
2.noisettes - the count of monte christo
3.arctic monkeys - old yellow bricks
4.jamie t - sheila
5.foals - balloons
6.lightspeed champion - galaxy of the lost
7.pete doherty - last of the english roses
8.the good the bad and the queen - herculean
9.passion pit - sleepyhead
10.phoenix - 1901
11.animal collective - summertime clothes
12.of montreal - faberge falls for shuggie
13.the shins - australia - too fake
15.the strokes f. regina spektor - modern girls & old fashion men hot heat - ladies and gentlemen
17.the callas - tsunami dance
18.klaxons - golden skans
19.friendly fires - paris
20.ladyhawke - paris is burning
21.primal scream - beautiful future
22.bloc party - banquet
23.the cribs - hey scenesters!
24.the zutons - long itme coming
25.the sunshine underground - commercial breakdown
26.late of the pier - dose a
27.greenskeepers - indecision young pony club - the bomb
29.css - alala
30.cut copy - lights and music
31.freeland - borderline
32.blood red shoes - i wish i was someone better
33.glamour for better - architechs of discotech
34.enter shikari - juggernauts

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Track Of The Day # 72 is I Heart Hiroshima - Captain To Captain

Well, its official!Your favourite indie band for 2k9 comes from Australia. I Heart Hiroshima is one girl and two guys and they 're here to bring post-punk/indie-pop back to life again! After releasing 3 EP's, IHH  released their debut album called "
 TUFF TEEF " back in October and it got 4/5 ice-creams(thats how they do reviews in that site..) in Artrocker's review. So! There are probably two possibilities for these australians: 1)They 'll grow up to be the new Kooks(that possibility hopefully has a chance of 1 in a million to happen..) and 2! 

They 'll probably do another one or two tours of the UK and then split(well, that sounds a lot better actually...The Kooks is like worst than The Jonas Brothers!). Anyhow, before all that happens and IHH either die or become as big as Tokio Hotel, you should all head off to theirMyspace page to listen to their track "Captain To Captain"(no share the headphones today,sorry..)because it has just stuck to Broken Beats' stereo for the past 1 week and a half!Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blood On Our Shoes RADIO PLAYLIST #3

we weren't on air on time,but we did our radio show a little later.
here is the playlist:

1.the strokes - take it or leave it
2.the twelves - night life (daft punk cover)
3.holy fuck vs foals - balloons
4.friendly fires - jump in the pool
5.the teenagers - homecoming
6.junior boys - parallel lines
7.metronomy - a thing for me
8.the rapture - get myself into it
9.lcd soundsystem - daft punk is playing at my house
10.late of the pier - space and the woods
11.the shoes - let's go
12.crystal castles - vanished
13.does it offend you yeah? - with a heavy heart(i regret to inform you)
14.gang of four - damaged goods
15.the cribs - men's needs
16.kap bambino - red sign
17.peaches - billionaire
18.heartsrevolution - choose your own adventure
19.these new puritans - elvis
20.bloc party - one month off
21.weezer - pork and beans
22.beck - gamma ray
23.absent mindead - thank god roux - quicksand my boy - tell me computer
26.the libertines - what a waster
27.the callas - i've got a broken tooth yeah
28.the horrors - new ice age
29.the futureheads - the beginning of the twist
30.bang bang eche - 4 to the floor age - teen creeps
32.blood red shoes - doesn't matter much
33.the boy - edw kaneis
34.the boy - the life that i own
35.the maccabees - no kind words
36.the white stripes - icky thump

stay tuned!

Track Of The Day #71 The Strokes f. Regina Spektor - Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men

just one word for this track
regina spektor as a friend of the strokes did record this b-side which
fuck yeah is better than many of their a-sides!!!
if you haven't listened to it,since it's old enough, just download it

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News ->> The Cribs New Album Coming

The tracklisting of 'Ignore The Ignorant' will be:

'We Were Aborted'
'Cheat On Me'
'We Share The Same Skies'
'The City Of Bugs'
'Hari Kari'
'Last Year's Snow'
'Emasculate Me'
'Ignore The Ignorant'
'Save Your Secrets'
'Victim Of Mass Production'
'Stick To Yr Guns'

First single " Cheat On Me" out 31th of August
Album out 7th of September

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Interview with New Young Pony Club (Tahita Bulmer)

Well, yeah!Last nite we we were hanging around at the Synch Festival when out of sudden we stumbled upon Tahita Bulmer of New Young Pony Club!She was cool and she cared for an interview with us!
Here it is...

Have you ever been in Greece before?
Yes! Once when travelling along with my mother we got a ferry from Italy that brought us to Peireus port and then we drove all up to Athens to get to another port in order to get a ferry for Alexandria.

So,New Young Pony Club!When is the 2nd album coming out?
January!Its going to be a lot darker but you 'll still be able to dance with it..In a different way though.

Bands that influenced you in this 2nd album?
Siouxsie And The Banshees, David Bowie,The Cure, Bauhaus, early 90's rock music.
Its going to be really different.People will say "OK, this is a step forward" or "Oh, my god i hate it". I think it will be cool.Bands should be unafraid in what they do and say. Hopefully we are still a pop band and people can sing along and dance to our music.

OK! We loved the first album and we are dead excited about the new stuff!So, what's it going to be tonight at your dj set?
Tonight will be random.We might even play some new stuff from the album.

New bands you 're into nowadays?
There is a friend of ours who plays in Chew Lips.And then there is a new guy coming out who is called the Major Lazer.He is doing an album with Diplo and its really danceful.Its going to be good i think.

You supported Manic Street Preachers in London recently.How was that?
It was cool.The crowd was into more rockier stuff but the band like us.We did a remix for them in a track from their new album.We found out that Nicky(Wire) their bass player records the music and then the other guy just sings on top of that..It was very easy for us to do the remix because we had the track and then we had the backing vocals too.It was cool!


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Blood On Our Shoes RADIO PLAYLIST #2

we had a really good time there
see you next Saturday!

1.Royksopp vs Holy Fuck - Fucking Happy Up Here
2.Junior Boys - Parallel Lines
3.Passion Pit - Folds In Your Hands
4.Love Beverly - I'm Goin'
5.La Roux - In For The Kill
6.Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer(Aeroplane remix)
7.Little Boots - New In Town
8.Patrick Wolf - Oblivion
9.Jarvis Cocker - Angela
10.Kasabian - Vlad The Impaler
11.The Callas - You Have To Worry
12.Peaches vs MGMT vs Soulwax vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fuck The Kids(Eve Massacre remix)
13.Peaches - Talk To Me
14.Brand New Shoes - Oh Lord
15.Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby
16.Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers
17.Lcd Soundsystem - Beat Connection
18.Apes & Androids - Make Forever Last Forever
19.You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Dead End
20.Partyshank - Blaming Ourselves
21.Kap Bambino - Red Sign
22.Rusko - Cockney Thug
23.The Boy - The Life That I Own
24.Kasms - Don't Hit The Bottom
25.Zebra Tracks - Telefon Nummer
26.Faded Paper Figures - Polaroid Solution
27.Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Little Girl(feat. Julian Casablancas)
28.Felizol - Ssik(feat. Sportex)

listen to us here:

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Movie Of The Week #1:

Vivre Sa Vie

Directed by Jean Luc Godard

Nana works in a record shop but dreams of being an actress. Having split up with her husband, she drifts into the life of a Parisian prostitute. Her world is a mixture of torment and joy as she struggles to make something of her life. In the end, she finds that it is not her life to live after all....

In detail

One of the most significant films of the French New Wave, Vivre sa vie is obviously Jean-Luc Godard at his best. The approach used in this film is quite different to his earlier films. Here, we have twelve tableaux – distinct episodes which illustrate the unfolding life of the tragic Nana. It is an approach which works well, not only for its novelty value but because it allows Godard to adopt a very different mood and style for each part of the film. As a result, every scene has a surprising personal depth and impact, improved by some ingenious photography and often profound dialogue.

Nana is played by the delightful Anna Karina, Godard’s wife at the time. The director and his subject work very well together. Nana is a beautifully inspired creation, like an artist’s portrait of his beloved wife (an analogy which Godard uses very powerfully in one segment of the film).

The slightly off the wall humour, the unrefined editing, the surprising and shocking ending – all the traits that marked out a New Wave film are here in force. But above that, Vivre sa vie has a poetic fluence and easily understood expressions that make this a truly memorable and worthy film.

Anna Karina dancing in Godard's "Vivre Sa Vie"

...and Crystal Castles!