Thursday, 18 June 2009

Track Of The Day # 72 is I Heart Hiroshima - Captain To Captain

Well, its official!Your favourite indie band for 2k9 comes from Australia. I Heart Hiroshima is one girl and two guys and they 're here to bring post-punk/indie-pop back to life again! After releasing 3 EP's, IHH  released their debut album called "
 TUFF TEEF " back in October and it got 4/5 ice-creams(thats how they do reviews in that site..) in Artrocker's review. So! There are probably two possibilities for these australians: 1)They 'll grow up to be the new Kooks(that possibility hopefully has a chance of 1 in a million to happen..) and 2! 

They 'll probably do another one or two tours of the UK and then split(well, that sounds a lot better actually...The Kooks is like worst than The Jonas Brothers!). Anyhow, before all that happens and IHH either die or become as big as Tokio Hotel, you should all head off to theirMyspace page to listen to their track "Captain To Captain"(no share the headphones today,sorry..)because it has just stuck to Broken Beats' stereo for the past 1 week and a half!Enjoy!

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