Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blood On Our Shoes RADIO PLAYLIST #3

we weren't on air on time,but we did our radio show a little later.
here is the playlist:

1.the strokes - take it or leave it
2.the twelves - night life (daft punk cover)
3.holy fuck vs foals - balloons
4.friendly fires - jump in the pool
5.the teenagers - homecoming
6.junior boys - parallel lines
7.metronomy - a thing for me
8.the rapture - get myself into it
9.lcd soundsystem - daft punk is playing at my house
10.late of the pier - space and the woods
11.the shoes - let's go
12.crystal castles - vanished
13.does it offend you yeah? - with a heavy heart(i regret to inform you)
14.gang of four - damaged goods
15.the cribs - men's needs
16.kap bambino - red sign
17.peaches - billionaire
18.heartsrevolution - choose your own adventure
19.these new puritans - elvis
20.bloc party - one month off
21.weezer - pork and beans
22.beck - gamma ray
23.absent mindead - thank god
24.la roux - quicksand
25.to my boy - tell me computer
26.the libertines - what a waster
27.the callas - i've got a broken tooth yeah
28.the horrors - new ice age
29.the futureheads - the beginning of the twist
30.bang bang eche - 4 to the floor
31.no age - teen creeps
32.blood red shoes - doesn't matter much
33.the boy - edw kaneis
34.the boy - the life that i own
35.the maccabees - no kind words
36.the white stripes - icky thump

stay tuned!


arrostia said...

Πολλές μπύρες . pier

evilplaymobils said...

hahha etsi!
12-2 ka8e savato,mazi me kamia 20aria heineken

arrostia said...

Είναι η λάθος ώρα αυτή που παίζετε , δεν κάνει για μπύρες .Είναι για καφέ , έτυχε αυτό το λάθος ωράριο και ήταν κατάλληλο .

evilplaymobils said...

nai ontws,alla den yparxei ki allh wra.ki emeis fantasou savato prwi,3ypname kai feugoume me thn mia gia ekpomph.ekei pinoume kafe.