Saturday, 30 May 2009

Blood On Our Shoes on the radio!

today was the first radio show of blood on our shoes
we're really happy that it went really well

this is the playlist:
1.klaxons - two receivers
2.holy fuck - frenchy's
3.peaches - i feel cream
4.little boots - stuck on repeat roux - in it for the kill (skream remix)
6.heartsrevolution - digital suicide sywst
7.telepathe - chromes on it
8.the boy - giati de xorevete re?
9.kasabian - vlad the impaler
10.tame impala - h.f.g.w. (canyons drunken rage)
11.arcade fire - neighborhood #2 (laika)
12.the cribs - be safe
13.the horrors - who can say
14.mickey gang - i was born in the 90s
15.foals - hummer
16.venice ahoy - fireworks my boy - tell me computer
18.passion pit - sleepyhead
19.lcd soundsystem - movement
20.the shoes - oh lord
21.shitdisco - kung fu
22.coin - second i'm the best
23.zebra tracks - ninja
24.bolt action five -gurl howl
25.test icicles - circle square triangle
26.animal collective - summertime clothes
27.why? - these few presidents
28.apes & androids - hot kathy
29.we plants are happy plants - apollo
30.of montreal - the past is a grotesque animal

next week we will play less "safe" tracks and we will talk more
how can you listen to us?
check the site of the radio station, every show is streaming

furthermore we're preparing a Blood On Our Shoes night in Athens with dj sets
more to be announced!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Track Of The Day #69 is White Arrows - Coming Or Going

So we ran out of english bands these past few days and now its up to the americans to thrill us. Well, excitement comes from Los Angeles this time and it goes by the name White Arrows. WA is a 5-piece band who originally started in New York but then moved to LA, has already released a debut Ep called "Hearts And Lungs" and now they 're recording an album. At least thats what they say in their blog.  "Coming Or Going" is probably what would come out if  The Strokes decided to explore their poppier routes but in the end gave that up and simply added some keybords to one of their songs.. That aside, all of their other Myspace tracks is just mellow, semi-interesting indie-pop which is ok actually..Check out their track "City Boy" . Its pretty decent too..

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The touring diaries and things like that

So here we are again,after touring Greece for about half a month.Don't try to find time to check out new music etc when you're touring,there's no way.Indeed we probably had the greatest time of our lives,we wish it would never stop.Night after night we were in a different city,packing and unpacking,soundchecking,gigging and giving interviews.Thanx to all of you who supported this tour,great things to come!

To keep up with the new music business,here are a few new tracks.If we came late on this one,you can simply skip this post.


Maybe you should watch the video to love this track.If you liked Uffie,then you will definitely be in the mood for this one.Keep in mind that Paris is not only romantic,but indeed it can be really sexy.

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby(radio edit)
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses(Make The Girl Dance remix)


The two of them are members of Le Tigre,while the third one plays with the Peaches live band.Nu disco sounds,but not the ones that bore you,combined with a little bit of reggae,give it a try.

Men - Credit Card Babie$

Track Of The Day #68 is DID - Time For Shopping

DID is a 4-piece band from...Italy and they 're probably the best thing that has ever happened to that country since the invention of pizza! Their mixture of  Rapture's post-punk guitars and rhythms with Hot Chip's poppy attitude aint probably something totally original, since there are numerous bands who do that these days.. The way they manage to execute it though, is just awesome when you come to think that these guys are Italians! They were probably raised on listening to Eros Ramazzotti and that other guy Zuchero...So! Broken Beats dont seem like they 're the only ones who think that DID are fucking wicked since White Heat, London's coolest indie club , has picked them up to play in one of their nights.. " Time For Shopping " , today's  Track Of  The Day, is easily 2k9's best indie/dancey/dangerous-to-dance-around-the-room track! Enjoy! Dont try listening to them while eating pizza or anything..It might get messy...

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Track Of The Day #67 I Am The Arm - We Stand Alone

noone really expected the horrors to release one of the albums of the year (so far)
so i'm pretty sure that many bands which sound like them will be discovered
I Am The Arm is one of them
they are a more passionate version of The Horrors
their style is pretty similar, and the Korg MS 2000 that they use is pure beauty

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Track Of The Day #66 is My Wet Calvin - XS Underwear (Flying Lilis Brothers remix)

Hell yeahhhhh!This the first decent remix we 've heard in a while and its fucking awesome the fact that it is a remix from our favourite party djs ,Flying Lilis..., in one of our favourites bands, My Wet Calvin (actually My Wet Calvin are No.5 in our top 5 favourite greek bands!). 

Alright! So, the track is one of Calvin's best deliveries from their 2005 "Have A Tangerine" Ep. The thing about this remix though, is what Lilis managed to do with it and that is non other than turning it to an absolute cowbell-indie-pop-disco-driven, masterpiece!Well done then!

Is it just Broken Beats who think they 'd heard this remix at the Flying Lilis set when they supported Foals?

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Blood On Our Shoes Mixtape #4!

So!Broken Beats thought to give it a go since Rasmio's last effort made them feel a bit jealous actually...Its mostly tracks from artists we 've blogged about in the past and a lot of them have been "Tracks Of The Day".. The mixing totally sucks but(!) after the 4th time you 'll get to listen to it you might even start to like it.. Enjoy!

1. Post War Years - Whole World On Its Head
2. Wave Machines - I Go I Go I Go
3. The Aspirins For My Children - Hollow Out
4. The Cocknbullkid - I 'm Not Sorry
5. Esser - Headlock
6. La Roux - Quicksand
7. Little Boots - Meddle
8. We Have Band - You 've Had Band
9. EAR PWR - Waterslide
10.  Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

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Monday, 11 May 2009

Track Of The Day #65 is Decimals - Something

Hello!Its been a while but hell it was worth it as the quest for finding the perfect track for today's hot/sunny/summerish! day has just finished!BloodOnOurShoes have done it again! They 've discovered the perfect ridiculously happy/indie-pop/electro track to soundtrack your day!Decimals are 3 guys from the UK (wow!thats new...) and the interesting part about them is that they 're the new band of Automatic's ex-keybordist, Pennie sth.. 

Now, you 'll probably  think that Broken Beats were Automatic fans but that is totally untrue.."Monster" was a bit nice but that's all.. Automatic sucked really bad.. Well, thats not obviously the case with Decimals since this electro/poppy/mood-cheerer track, "Something" , is 100 times better than anything The Automatic have released!So!Could this be the new To My Boy? Yes? No? Make up your own mind!  

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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Track O' The Day #64 is Navvy - Disco

Well, if writing about Navvy's "Disco" is the price we 've got to pay to get it off our heads then so be it...The band is 2 guys and 2 girls from Sheffield and you could probably say that they sound like Art Brut if they decided to turn 100% Post-Punk or like The Long Blondes(greaaaat band!) if they  got angry or something like that...

The band has already released their debut album "Idyll Intagible" through Angular Records which is like the 4th or 5th cooolest record companies to be out there...Thats it about Navvy then since i have to admit that i havent really checked out any of their other songs. This track , "Disco" , has been stuck on the stereo for at least the past 6 hours....Essential!

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Track Of The Day #63 is Hook And The Twin - They 'll Get Your Head

Well, here is some fresh music! The band is two guys from London and their music is a lot weird actually.. Its like weird-poppy-close to post-punk but not really- music actually... Whats probably really striking about HATT is their whole minimal/industrial/odd aesthetic that is obvious in their artwork and in a way their music too... So!These two "weirdos"  released their debut single back in April called "Race For The Bone". 

Its good but is not as good as our track of the day ...You see the catchy part of  today's track of the day,  "They 'll Get Your Head" , is that it will be included in a new compilation called "Brand NEU!"  that was inspired by the Kraut-rock pioneers NEU!Some artists that will contribute in "Brand NEU!" will be among others Foals and LCD Soundsystem(coooool stuff!).To tell the truth, i know shit about NEU! but it seems like they 've influenced a lot of people...Good for Hook And The Twin to be part of that compilation then..

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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Track Of The Day #62 is Comet Gain - Love Without Lies

So, here 's a track from my favourite band's -The Cribs- favourite band which is Comet Gain. "Love Without Lies" is an absolute post-punk/indie/pop anthem and its included in Comet Gain's latest release "Broken Record Prayers" (cooooool title...) that is something like a "best of"  from the band's 17 year existence. Well, there 's only two interesting facts about these Britons since i cant really say that i could go nuts for their stuff..One we said before is that The Cribs say that they are heavily influenced by them and two: Comet Gain's guitarist, Jon Slade , was previously in Huggy Bear which is like..fuckin' great!Check them out! See if you like them, find out more about the greatness of both The Cribs and Huggy Bear!

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Track Of The Day #61 is The Answering Machine - Obviously Cold

Well, here is some exciting new music that will definitely raise your body temperature.. "Obviously Cold" is The Answering Machine's new single and its probably their finest one along with "Lightbulbs", one of their primary releases back in 2007.. The band consists from 3 guys and a girl and they hail from Manchester, UK. Their music sounds a lot like The Strokes mixed with some youthful hormones since these 4 Mancunians were just uni-classmates back in 2005.. I 'm not really sure that TAM will end up as huge as The Strokes but who knows, they might have a good chance to stand out from the mass if they ever decide to release their debut album and get better haircuts...Check them out!