Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Track Of The Day #63 is Hook And The Twin - They 'll Get Your Head

Well, here is some fresh music! The band is two guys from London and their music is a lot weird actually.. Its like weird-poppy-close to post-punk but not really- music actually... Whats probably really striking about HATT is their whole minimal/industrial/odd aesthetic that is obvious in their artwork and in a way their music too... So!These two "weirdos"  released their debut single back in April called "Race For The Bone". 

Its good but is not as good as our track of the day ...You see the catchy part of  today's track of the day,  "They 'll Get Your Head" , is that it will be included in a new compilation called "Brand NEU!"  that was inspired by the Kraut-rock pioneers NEU!Some artists that will contribute in "Brand NEU!" will be among others Foals and LCD Soundsystem(coooool stuff!).To tell the truth, i know shit about NEU! but it seems like they 've influenced a lot of people...Good for Hook And The Twin to be part of that compilation then..

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