Monday, 11 May 2009

Track Of The Day #65 is Decimals - Something

Hello!Its been a while but hell it was worth it as the quest for finding the perfect track for today's hot/sunny/summerish! day has just finished!BloodOnOurShoes have done it again! They 've discovered the perfect ridiculously happy/indie-pop/electro track to soundtrack your day!Decimals are 3 guys from the UK (wow!thats new...) and the interesting part about them is that they 're the new band of Automatic's ex-keybordist, Pennie sth.. 

Now, you 'll probably  think that Broken Beats were Automatic fans but that is totally untrue.."Monster" was a bit nice but that's all.. Automatic sucked really bad.. Well, thats not obviously the case with Decimals since this electro/poppy/mood-cheerer track, "Something" , is 100 times better than anything The Automatic have released!So!Could this be the new To My Boy? Yes? No? Make up your own mind!  

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Monster was like The Automatic's worst song, have you even bothered to listen to any other Automatic songs, besides their most popular; Monster?