Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Track Of The Day #66 is My Wet Calvin - XS Underwear (Flying Lilis Brothers remix)

Hell yeahhhhh!This the first decent remix we 've heard in a while and its fucking awesome the fact that it is a remix from our favourite party djs ,Flying Lilis..., in one of our favourites bands, My Wet Calvin (actually My Wet Calvin are No.5 in our top 5 favourite greek bands!). 

Alright! So, the track is one of Calvin's best deliveries from their 2005 "Have A Tangerine" Ep. The thing about this remix though, is what Lilis managed to do with it and that is non other than turning it to an absolute cowbell-indie-pop-disco-driven, masterpiece!Well done then!

Is it just Broken Beats who think they 'd heard this remix at the Flying Lilis set when they supported Foals?

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