Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The touring diaries and things like that

So here we are again,after touring Greece for about half a month.Don't try to find time to check out new music etc when you're touring,there's no way.Indeed we probably had the greatest time of our lives,we wish it would never stop.Night after night we were in a different city,packing and unpacking,soundchecking,gigging and giving interviews.Thanx to all of you who supported this tour,great things to come!

To keep up with the new music business,here are a few new tracks.If we came late on this one,you can simply skip this post.


Maybe you should watch the video to love this track.If you liked Uffie,then you will definitely be in the mood for this one.Keep in mind that Paris is not only romantic,but indeed it can be really sexy.

Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby(radio edit)
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses(Make The Girl Dance remix)


The two of them are members of Le Tigre,while the third one plays with the Peaches live band.Nu disco sounds,but not the ones that bore you,combined with a little bit of reggae,give it a try.

Men - Credit Card Babie$

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