Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Track Of The Day #68 is DID - Time For Shopping

DID is a 4-piece band from...Italy and they 're probably the best thing that has ever happened to that country since the invention of pizza! Their mixture of  Rapture's post-punk guitars and rhythms with Hot Chip's poppy attitude aint probably something totally original, since there are numerous bands who do that these days.. The way they manage to execute it though, is just awesome when you come to think that these guys are Italians! They were probably raised on listening to Eros Ramazzotti and that other guy Zuchero...So! Broken Beats dont seem like they 're the only ones who think that DID are fucking wicked since White Heat, London's coolest indie club , has picked them up to play in one of their nights.. " Time For Shopping " , today's  Track Of  The Day, is easily 2k9's best indie/dancey/dangerous-to-dance-around-the-room track! Enjoy! Dont try listening to them while eating pizza or anything..It might get messy...

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