Monday, 25 May 2009

Track Of The Day #69 is White Arrows - Coming Or Going

So we ran out of english bands these past few days and now its up to the americans to thrill us. Well, excitement comes from Los Angeles this time and it goes by the name White Arrows. WA is a 5-piece band who originally started in New York but then moved to LA, has already released a debut Ep called "Hearts And Lungs" and now they 're recording an album. At least thats what they say in their blog.  "Coming Or Going" is probably what would come out if  The Strokes decided to explore their poppier routes but in the end gave that up and simply added some keybords to one of their songs.. That aside, all of their other Myspace tracks is just mellow, semi-interesting indie-pop which is ok actually..Check out their track "City Boy" . Its pretty decent too..

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