Thursday, 30 April 2009

Track Of The Day #60 is Hot Silk Pockets - What's The Matter

Hot Silk Pockets is a 4-piece, woman-fronted band from the UK that sounds exactly how every band signed to Stolen Recordings does..Fuckin' great! Their music is probably very similar to Love Is All heavenly greatness since you cant really say if the girl's voice is the voice from Broken Beats' favourite Dannish band(that is Love Is All...) or its just another ugly girl..

The fun in this track though, comes in two parts!Firstly, its the verse where the girl says "Dont wanna go out, you wanna stay in, you wanna drink tea and i wanna drink Gin!" . I cant really explain why, but i think that that verse is just hilarious!

Then, awesomeness becomes complete in the end of the track where the whole thing turns into a laid-back-dancey-mood fixing-"oh-oh-oo" singalong...You should all get this!If you dont like it then you can just say that Broken Beats suck at picking out fun tracks and give us angry, sworing comments..

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we're going on tour

It's called the Velvet Bus.
And it fucking rocks.
We're leaving tomorrow,going on tour in Greece with 3 more bands.
We'll be back on May 12th,if we survive until then!
Among with The Callas,Le Page and Berlin Brides,we're gonna have a great time.
Stay tuned for pics and recordings.
The whole tour will be audio recorded.

to locals: see you there,it's gonna be unbelievable.
to everyone else: thanx for your support and we hope to see you someday.

Wish us good luck.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Track Of The Day #59 is ROBOCOP KRAUS - Gibraltar

Well, its been done once again..The most decent indie band from..Germany has been discovered from BloodOnOurShoes(oh, we 're goood!)!They 're called Robocop Kraus and they sound a lot like all these other brit and american indie bands to tell the truth really.. Art Brut seem to really like these five non-metallers german guys since they 've got them on tour with them for their UK dates.. 

The song , "Gibraltar" , is pretty cool actually with its whole cheasy/miserable but funny/indie pop attitude..We cant really promise that RK will become Germany's biggest band since the country has already experienced Scorpions' and Tokio Hotel's magnificence, but! they 're on the right way of becoming Europe's(appart for the UK) best indie band..Check them out!Help them become bigger than Tokio Hotel!

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Monday, 27 April 2009

Blood On Our Shoes Mixtape #3

1.Nine Black Alps - Buy Nothing
2.Health - Die Slow
3.Basement Jaxx - Raindrops
4.No Shoes - Oh Lord
5.Little Boots - New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)
6.Peaches - I Feel Cream
7.Peaches - Talk To Me w/ Bloc Party - Ares (Villains Remix)
8.Zebra Tracks - Ninja
9.Black Kids - Listen To Your Body Tonight
10.No Shoes - Let's Go

total time:30.57
compiled & mixed by rasmio

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Track OF The Day #58 Still Flyin' - Good Thing Its A ghost Town Around Here

Well, you must admit it...Blood On Our Shoes is the best when it comes to finding geeky/indie-pop tracks to cheer you up when the weather is shitty...This time greatness comes from San Fransisco,US and its called Still Flyin' (coooool name!). "Good Thing it's..." sounds 77% how Architecture In Helsinski (definitely in Broken Beats's favourite band top-5!) would sound if they decided to rip-off  Talking Heads..It sounds pretty good actually..Its not like its going to get you rolling all over your room dancing and shouting etc etc... "Good Thing..." is mostly moving-up-and- down-your-head-while-chatting-in-the-msn  stuff... If you hate bad weather and you 're in desperate need of a spring-mood fix, then this is exactly what you 've been looking for!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lime Headed Dog

Well..Its done!If you 've been loooking for the weirdest pop band in the world, i 'm affraid you 've lost because Blood On Our Shoes have just done that! The name is Lime Headed Dog, of course they come from the UK and they 're fucking specialists in making weird/indie/pop masterpieces! The brains behind the band is ex-Good Shoes (thats probably where he got his brilliance from..) bassist, a guy called Joel Cox. 
 If it makes any difference, his other bandmates are one girl and one boy.. So! The good news about these weird-ists is that they 've got more than one nice tune.. In fact, they 've got  3 or 4 great tracks!To spice it up a little, their best track "KFUM & KFUK" will definitely remind you of  Late Of The Pier's "Bears  are coming" but in a poppier and even.. better way!No??I dont know..Make up your own mind on this one.. 

Ps: Check out their videos..Their Myspace tracks suck...


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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Radical Sons

Hello!Missed us??Well, we took the Easter break to recruit and to regain our energy..It was nice!
Now we 're back on track and on a good shape to listen to some fresh, new music!
Radical Sons are a 4-piece band from St. Louis, United States and they make cool, indie-rock music. Picture a less rock-ier Strokes with a popp-ier edge but not in a ridiculous kind of way.. They say they 're influenced by Pixies, Velvet Underground, Television and Chuck Berry. Ok for the first 3 bands but Chuck Berry?? 

Moving on, these 4 North Americans are probably going to get a lot bigger in 2k9 since Animal Collective are taking them on tour sometime this year. Also, they 've already opened for Little Joy(Fab Moretti's (Strokes drummer) -boring- side project) and Be Your Own Pet(fucking great band!). If that aint a promising future then what is? Their debut EP is called "Throwing Knives" will be released in May and it will be promoted with a headline tour by the band. That's all for now..If RS turn out to be the new Coldplay you will have known them from BloodOnOurShoes!I hope that never happens though..

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Living Inside The Speaker

The creators of the ultimate dubstep documentary,"Living Inside The Speaker",have decided to release it for free,since it experienced high success through the fans of the genre via the known dubstep forum.
Dealing with the Bristol scene,it features interviews from Skream,Dub Boy,Stealth and others.

If you were never into dubstep music,you'll probably not hate it now,but love its style and underground feeling.Afterall,it's all about the music.

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Living Inside The Speaker.avi

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Track Of The Day #55 is TV On The Radio - Crying (Telepathe remix)

Well, this is genuinely good music! One of the best and hottest bands of 2008 getting remixed with your soon to be, 2009 favourites! 

To tell the truth, i havent even bothered to listen to the original track from TV On The Radio since this remix from these pagan pioneers ,Telepathe, does the job quite suitably...
 Hold on though!

 Since these days we 're all exchanging  Easter "money" - no one cares for gifts nowdays... - we decided to give you a present too! In Share the headphones you can also download the remix on TV On The Radio's anthem... " Staring At The Sun" from a guy called Bryan Hyde. Gooooood stuff!

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Tiga - Ciao (album teaser)

Keep an eye on his album,out on April 27th.
For now,you can rely on the album teaser below,although he doesn't reveal us that much.
Stay tuned for his release,and be sure that as soon as we get it in our hands,we will give it to you too.

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Monday, 13 April 2009

no holidays for us

of course there'll be holidays for us,you think you'd had us fooled?
but that doesn't necessarily mean we won't be posting for a while.
on the contrary,we are less busy these days,so stay tuned.

La Roux and Little Boots are the big tips for 2009,we all know that,both of whom are working on their albums.We are lucky to have found a new track by La Roux called "I'm Not Your Toy",played live,as well as a Little Boots remix by The Golden Filter on the track "New In Town",which i know you're all sick of,since it's played wherever you go.But this remix stands tall amongst others,otherwise we wouldn't post it,am i wrong?

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Little Boots - New In Town(The Golden Filter remix)

Track Of The Day #54 is Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy remix)

Who likes Ladyhawke?She 's ok....Who loves Cut Copy??We fucking do!
So!This is our favourite aussies take on Ladyhawke's only decent song and its definitely better than the original...

This remix from Cut Copy has got all those things that can transform a track from average to dancefloor-filler!Extra beats, extra bass and of course extra dancey attitude..Even though its still Sunday ,going on to Monday, this is just the perfect track to cheer you up before another boring week..Everyone should have this!

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Track Of The Day #53 is PLUGS - All Them Witches

PLUGS! They 're good! They come from London and its like the pop/dancey/cool side project of Does It Offend You, Yeah? guitarist, Morgan sth.. They 've already released 2 EPs and now its time for their first single, "All Them Witches", which is pretty good stuff! The track at its core has got that laid-back, coolness like Orange Juice which is mainly why this got to be our 53rd track of the day..So!Check it out!If it has nothing to do with Orange Juice then you can comment back to us saying that we suck etc etc etc.....

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Glasvegas - Come As You Are (Nirvana)

memory yeah
if you never loved nirvana then ,i'm sorry but, you never loved true music
maybe it's my memories from my childhood that make me so "emotional" but who can disagree with me that nirvana were one of the most original bands out there
and i'm not talking about the sound itself
i'm talking about the whole feeling
unfortunately is destroyed by those who tried to copy them
this cover is just what you should expect
what you should imagine
the accent, the guitars, the midtempo of glasvegas into this anthem
you'll love this

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Track Of The Day #52 is FRIENDSHIP - The Graveyard Shift

So! Who likes No Age and Foals? Who would like to listen to the awesome mixture of these totally different genres??Well, we do!We did actually and we fucking loved it!

FRIENDSHIP are two guys from London that make some really good, coool music..I mean cool is the only way to describe what they do, since they 're just two guys with their guitar and drums and some loops..They 've just released this, "The Graveyard Shift", and Artrocker and Steve Lamacq(BBC radio producer) have already got well into them...We 've already got well into them too, so now its your turn!Enjoy!

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New Names For Rockwave + Ejekt

Soulwax LIVE @ Ejekt

Foals @ Rockwave

White Lies @ Ejekt

Editors @ Ejekt

Oh yeah they rock!

the supermen are back with new tracks from their new album,out on april 23rd.

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The Callas - Fuck Your God
The Callas - Tsunami Dance

Logan Lynn

Actually,we do post about bands that send us their music,if we're digging their stuff of course,and this is an album we received a while ago.

Logan Lynn was signed to Dandy Warhols' record label,Beat The World,but don't think of any resemblance to them.His music is an electronic combination of Patrick Wolf and Why? without copying them but adding his own style and voice.I'm glad i listened to him late at night,he got me feeling different.His album is coming out in Fall 2009,and i'd say that then would be the best time for it.You should go buy it.

It fits everywhere.
Waking up,loving,cold weather.
Even loneliness.

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Logan Lynn - Feed Me To The Wolves
Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Peaches - I Feel Cream ALBUM

I don't think you have the time to read this,i bet you're looking for the download link below.But all i've got to say is that i've been waiting for this album so badly and it didn't let me down not this little.
With contributions from Soulwax,Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism,whoever thought that she would change her style and lyrics is wrong.There's no way for her to happen,even at her 40 years,she's great at what she's doing.

"Talk To Me"
is the greatest electro hit so far in 2009.
Soulwax collaboration with Peaches works perfectly and they aim to set the dancefloors on fire.

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Almost forgot them,despite their late EP Fast Fuse which wasn't really promoted,but their third album,"The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" is coming out on June 8th.
"Vlad The Impaler" will be their first single.
It isn't guitar-based,but they haven't turned into 80s either.Good for them.
They're grooving,with an aggressive distorted bass riff,using synths in a great way.
You can catch Tom Meighan in times singing like Shaun Ryder,that's how Happy Mondays would sound like if they had the ability to use today's technology and machines.

Get Loose Get Loose!

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Spider And The Flies - Something Clockwork This Way Comes

The Horrors not only released a great new album,but two of them formed a side-project and called it Spider And The Flies.
Don't expect anything like their previous work.This is about experimental electronica with a huge amount of Add N To X in it.Effects filling the beats,scaring the shit out of you,a dark line where you can't find out what's next,and it leaves you wondering.
Schizophrenia at its best,it could easily be a 00's thriller soundtrack.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Desmond And The Tutus!

Desmond And The Tutus is probably the best "Spring-time" band ever! They come from South Africa(!) and they seem to be having a lot of fun with everything.. Their music is definitely fun and great, their photos are fun, what they say and how they look is fun! Their songs are not like something you 've never heard before, since they sound a lot like...Vampire Weekend! Well, Vampire Weekend said they had some African music elements in their music..
So here 's the real stuff! Just kidding... I can't say if Desmond... have any african elements in their music, because i don't know anything about that genre.. All i can really say, is that they make songs to move your head up and down while thinking about your summer vacation....ACE!

Share the headphones is just one track from Desmond...If you want to get the whole picture of the greatness of these South-Africans you have to check them out!Now!

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Oh Yeah!

10th of june: the horrors live @ gagarin, athens
get ready

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Track Of The Day #50 is U2 - Get On Yout Boots (Justice Remix)

this is the very special track of the day since it's the 50th!
well, yeh we hate bono and u2
this is justice, not u2
you will love these boots

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Monday, 6 April 2009

Brand New Shoes (ex The Shoes)

these guys heil from reim, france and they have done many many remixes in the past
check the list
TELEPATHE "Chrome' s on it" //
YUKSEK "Extraball" //
ESSER "Work it out" (feat. the bewitched hands...)//
SMARTER THAN U "Thousand days" //
HOCKEY "Too fake" //
THE VIRGINS "Teen Lovers" //
33Hz "I feel alive" //
LADYHAWKE "Dusk till dawn" //
CAZALS "Poor innocent boys" //
SANTOGOLD "Lights Out" //
LATE OF THE PIER "Focker" //
WILEY "Wearing my Rolex" //
NELSON "the over song" //
CHARLY GREANE "Premiere Classe" //
MYSTERY JETS "Young love" //
HARD-FI "I shall overcome" //
THE MUSIC "Spike" //
HADOUKEN "Leap of faith" //
PRIMARY ONE "Hold me down" //
ADAM KESHER "Modern Times" //
ADAM KESHER "Local Girl" //
JUST A BAND "We are" //
CANDY CLASH "Just kiss her" //
THIEVES LIKE US "Drugs in my body" //
SCENARIO ROCK "Perfect Love Antidote" //
ALB "CV 209" //
GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY "Waitin’ for the monsters to drown //
GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY "Find the time" //

they've recently a split 7'' vinyl with primary 1 including their tracks "Ho Lord" and "People Movin"
which despite the fact that the lyrics are so fucking horrible, they are made to conquer the dancefloors
and they're doing it pretty well

they've played a shit load of shows in these 2 years that they are active
and i'm sure that they do crazy parties

they've done this cool "project" with polaroid pics of "famous" shoes like the above

many fans love them
many dj-celebrities love them
why shouldn't you love them?

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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Track Of The Day #49 is Wild Palms - Over Time

Although i must admit that i did prefer their other name , Wild Palms were previously called Ex Lion Tamers (its a song from Wire), Wild Palms still manage to remain one of the most exciting bands right now..You could probably connect them with the whole "new grave-S.C.U.M-Kasms-dark-post punk" thing which is cool, but you can definitely see in them a decent, new band very similar to These New Puritans's greatness! Of course they come from London and of course Artrocker has already given them the best reviews!All is left to do now is for you to check them out our Share the headphones!

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Track Of The Day #48 is Magistrates - The In Betweens

So! This is good...The band is called Magistrates and they come from Essex, UK...I guess they 've got this 80's pop/disco/dancey vibe which is so cool these days.. Since here in BloodOnOurShoes we 're just 4-5 19 year olds, we cant really say whether this is good or bad 80's music, i 'll just say that this has got nothing to do with Broken Beats's favourite 80's track, Cyndi Lauper's " Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".. 

With that sorted out, all is left to say is that this track from Magistrates is quite nice..Its class-A "room-dancin' " material!They might get really big in 2k9..They 're doing the NME new music tour which sucks though..

Here 's the video for their first single, Make This Work

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