Thursday, 23 April 2009

Track OF The Day #58 Still Flyin' - Good Thing Its A ghost Town Around Here

Well, you must admit it...Blood On Our Shoes is the best when it comes to finding geeky/indie-pop tracks to cheer you up when the weather is shitty...This time greatness comes from San Fransisco,US and its called Still Flyin' (coooool name!). "Good Thing it's..." sounds 77% how Architecture In Helsinski (definitely in Broken Beats's favourite band top-5!) would sound if they decided to rip-off  Talking Heads..It sounds pretty good actually..Its not like its going to get you rolling all over your room dancing and shouting etc etc... "Good Thing..." is mostly moving-up-and- down-your-head-while-chatting-in-the-msn  stuff... If you hate bad weather and you 're in desperate need of a spring-mood fix, then this is exactly what you 've been looking for!

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