Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Desmond And The Tutus!

Desmond And The Tutus is probably the best "Spring-time" band ever! They come from South Africa(!) and they seem to be having a lot of fun with everything.. Their music is definitely fun and great, their photos are fun, what they say and how they look is fun! Their songs are not like something you 've never heard before, since they sound a lot like...Vampire Weekend! Well, Vampire Weekend said they had some African music elements in their music..
So here 's the real stuff! Just kidding... I can't say if Desmond... have any african elements in their music, because i don't know anything about that genre.. All i can really say, is that they make songs to move your head up and down while thinking about your summer vacation....ACE!

Share the headphones is just one track from Desmond...If you want to get the whole picture of the greatness of these South-Africans you have to check them out!Now!

Share the headphones:

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