Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Track Of The Day #59 is ROBOCOP KRAUS - Gibraltar

Well, its been done once again..The most decent indie band from..Germany has been discovered from BloodOnOurShoes(oh, we 're goood!)!They 're called Robocop Kraus and they sound a lot like all these other brit and american indie bands to tell the truth really.. Art Brut seem to really like these five non-metallers german guys since they 've got them on tour with them for their UK dates.. 

The song , "Gibraltar" , is pretty cool actually with its whole cheasy/miserable but funny/indie pop attitude..We cant really promise that RK will become Germany's biggest band since the country has already experienced Scorpions' and Tokio Hotel's magnificence, but! they 're on the right way of becoming Europe's(appart for the UK) best indie band..Check them out!Help them become bigger than Tokio Hotel!

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