Thursday, 30 April 2009

Track Of The Day #60 is Hot Silk Pockets - What's The Matter

Hot Silk Pockets is a 4-piece, woman-fronted band from the UK that sounds exactly how every band signed to Stolen Recordings does..Fuckin' great! Their music is probably very similar to Love Is All heavenly greatness since you cant really say if the girl's voice is the voice from Broken Beats' favourite Dannish band(that is Love Is All...) or its just another ugly girl..

The fun in this track though, comes in two parts!Firstly, its the verse where the girl says "Dont wanna go out, you wanna stay in, you wanna drink tea and i wanna drink Gin!" . I cant really explain why, but i think that that verse is just hilarious!

Then, awesomeness becomes complete in the end of the track where the whole thing turns into a laid-back-dancey-mood fixing-"oh-oh-oo" singalong...You should all get this!If you dont like it then you can just say that Broken Beats suck at picking out fun tracks and give us angry, sworing comments..

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