Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Track Of The Day #55 is TV On The Radio - Crying (Telepathe remix)

Well, this is genuinely good music! One of the best and hottest bands of 2008 getting remixed with your soon to be, 2009 favourites! 

To tell the truth, i havent even bothered to listen to the original track from TV On The Radio since this remix from these pagan pioneers ,Telepathe, does the job quite suitably...
 Hold on though!

 Since these days we 're all exchanging  Easter "money" - no one cares for gifts nowdays... - we decided to give you a present too! In Share the headphones you can also download the remix on TV On The Radio's anthem... " Staring At The Sun" from a guy called Bryan Hyde. Gooooood stuff!

Share the headphones:

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