Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Track Of The Day #46 is Artefacts For Space Travel - Power Of The Brain

Alright!So, who feels likes rocking out today?? Broken Beats certainly do!Artefacts.. are 3 guys from London that make toxic punk/lo-fi psych rock/ anti - pop music.. Thats just what others think of their music, here in the Broken Beats office ( thats a joke..)  we just like to call their music " fucking good stuff ".. 

 Track of the day , "Power Of The Brain" , is definitely one of their best tracks  and thats of course the reason that we have it as our track of the day, but(!) that doesnt mean that its just this track and that everything else from them sucks..No! Their track " Recoop" would probably  be track of the day #47 if it wasnt for all this other great music we 've been listening to lately..So!Stop reading this shitty article for Artefacts For Space Travel and go check them out! Immediately!
P.S: They 're signed to Stolen Recordings..Enough said..

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