Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lime Headed Dog

Well..Its done!If you 've been loooking for the weirdest pop band in the world, i 'm affraid you 've lost because Blood On Our Shoes have just done that! The name is Lime Headed Dog, of course they come from the UK and they 're fucking specialists in making weird/indie/pop masterpieces! The brains behind the band is ex-Good Shoes (thats probably where he got his brilliance from..) bassist, a guy called Joel Cox. 
 If it makes any difference, his other bandmates are one girl and one boy.. So! The good news about these weird-ists is that they 've got more than one nice tune.. In fact, they 've got  3 or 4 great tracks!To spice it up a little, their best track "KFUM & KFUK" will definitely remind you of  Late Of The Pier's "Bears  are coming" but in a poppier and even.. better way!No??I dont know..Make up your own mind on this one.. 

Ps: Check out their videos..Their Myspace tracks suck...


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