Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Radical Sons

Hello!Missed us??Well, we took the Easter break to recruit and to regain our energy..It was nice!
Now we 're back on track and on a good shape to listen to some fresh, new music!
Radical Sons are a 4-piece band from St. Louis, United States and they make cool, indie-rock music. Picture a less rock-ier Strokes with a popp-ier edge but not in a ridiculous kind of way.. They say they 're influenced by Pixies, Velvet Underground, Television and Chuck Berry. Ok for the first 3 bands but Chuck Berry?? 

Moving on, these 4 North Americans are probably going to get a lot bigger in 2k9 since Animal Collective are taking them on tour sometime this year. Also, they 've already opened for Little Joy(Fab Moretti's (Strokes drummer) -boring- side project) and Be Your Own Pet(fucking great band!). If that aint a promising future then what is? Their debut EP is called "Throwing Knives" will be released in May and it will be promoted with a headline tour by the band. That's all for now..If RS turn out to be the new Coldplay you will have known them from BloodOnOurShoes!I hope that never happens though..

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