Saturday, 4 April 2009

Track Of The Day #48 is Magistrates - The In Betweens

So! This is good...The band is called Magistrates and they come from Essex, UK...I guess they 've got this 80's pop/disco/dancey vibe which is so cool these days.. Since here in BloodOnOurShoes we 're just 4-5 19 year olds, we cant really say whether this is good or bad 80's music, i 'll just say that this has got nothing to do with Broken Beats's favourite 80's track, Cyndi Lauper's " Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".. 

With that sorted out, all is left to say is that this track from Magistrates is quite nice..Its class-A "room-dancin' " material!They might get really big in 2k9..They 're doing the NME new music tour which sucks though..

Here 's the video for their first single, Make This Work

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