Thursday, 4 June 2009

Track Of The Day #70 is Lykke Li - I 'm Good I 'm Gone (Black Kids remix)

So!Its been days since you 've found a good remix on an indie track and just as you search desperately your PC for something that at last will make you "Do the D.A.N.C.E" , you come accross this heavenly awesome remix from one of your favourite bands back in 2k8, Black Kids! To tell the truth Lykke Li and Black Kids never caught Broken Beats' attention for different reasons..Firstly, Lykke Li is just weirdly ugly. 

She probably has one of the sweetest voices in the history of sweet voices but thats just not enough! What about Black Kids then? Well, they were too famous when Broken Beats decided to have a listen to them.. Back to today's Track Of The Day!Its simple..You must have this track!Its a lot better than the original and its definitely Broken Beats' favourite Black Kids material.

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broken beats! said...

scratch that about lykke li..She is good lookin'!

evilplaymobils said...

hmm,not bad enough,not bad at all!