Saturday, 13 June 2009

Interview with New Young Pony Club (Tahita Bulmer)

Well, yeah!Last nite we we were hanging around at the Synch Festival when out of sudden we stumbled upon Tahita Bulmer of New Young Pony Club!She was cool and she cared for an interview with us!
Here it is...

Have you ever been in Greece before?
Yes! Once when travelling along with my mother we got a ferry from Italy that brought us to Peireus port and then we drove all up to Athens to get to another port in order to get a ferry for Alexandria.

So,New Young Pony Club!When is the 2nd album coming out?
January!Its going to be a lot darker but you 'll still be able to dance with it..In a different way though.

Bands that influenced you in this 2nd album?
Siouxsie And The Banshees, David Bowie,The Cure, Bauhaus, early 90's rock music.
Its going to be really different.People will say "OK, this is a step forward" or "Oh, my god i hate it". I think it will be cool.Bands should be unafraid in what they do and say. Hopefully we are still a pop band and people can sing along and dance to our music.

OK! We loved the first album and we are dead excited about the new stuff!So, what's it going to be tonight at your dj set?
Tonight will be random.We might even play some new stuff from the album.

New bands you 're into nowadays?
There is a friend of ours who plays in Chew Lips.And then there is a new guy coming out who is called the Major Lazer.He is doing an album with Diplo and its really danceful.Its going to be good i think.

You supported Manic Street Preachers in London recently.How was that?
It was cool.The crowd was into more rockier stuff but the band like us.We did a remix for them in a track from their new album.We found out that Nicky(Wire) their bass player records the music and then the other guy just sings on top of that..It was very easy for us to do the remix because we had the track and then we had the backing vocals too.It was cool!


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