Saturday, 19 September 2009

Are you aware of Telekinesis?

I hope not because then this post is totally useless.. So, Telekinesis is one guy , Michael Benjamin Lerner, he hails from Seattle, US and he does fuckin' awesome music! He 's already released his debut album called Telekinesis and these days he is wandering around Europe in support of his debut and...The Thermals (Broken Beats' favourite band No.4..)!

So! There are two facts that make Telekinesis stand out from all those other shitty bands..#1 is.. They probably own Broken Beats' favourite track for 2k9, "Coast Of Carolina" (ok, scratch that..Broken Beats' favourite track for 2k9 is by far Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies").
#2 They surely though own the greatest, indie-pop track ever made about Japan's capital city, Tokyo! Cheers for that!

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