Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Track Of The Day #82 is Tap Tap - 100000 Thoughts

So! Tap Tap is the side project of Pete And The Pirate's (Broken Beats' favourite band No.12!) frontman, a guy called Tommy Sanders. Tap Tap are also one of Stolen Recordings' signings and they(he actually..) have already released their debut album LANZAFAME. That's where today's (awesome!) track of the day was also included. Well, there are 3 reasons that we decided to post about Tap Tap today.

1) Album No.2 is "On Its way"..(The album is called "On My Way"...)
2) This new album from Tap Tap will probably be one of the most exciting things about 2k9's discography since lots of Broken Beats' formerly favourite bands have got boring and..
3)As far as "100000 Thoughts" is concerned, David Bowie listed it as one of his favourite songs back in 2007 for a Times article ..Weird...

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