Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Track Of The Day 08/25/09 is Pens - Freddy

long time since our last track of the day
we'll try to keep it up

there are some times in your life that you instantly fall in love with a song
that's what happened when i listened to the london girl trio called Pens

you can taste the beauty of their homemade like recordings
indie pop from london girls never tasted so good
Freddy is the song that could make up every day of your life

these wonderful girls are about to release their first album "Hey Friend What You Doing?" on 28th Sept '09
you can preorder it here


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Matthew Britton said...

pens are really good. do they have an album yet, or are they just fucking about on artfag like everyone else?

rasmio10 said...

not yet.
they will release "hey friend, what you doing?" on 28th sept through cd + vinyl!
check this http://pens.bigcartel.com/

Matthew Britton said...

sweet, thanks a lot.