Saturday, 1 November 2008

why do i absolutely love the Deathset!!!!!!!

1. Because i was just checking out their my space remix profile and its greaaaaaaaaaaat!
2. Because they are so fucking cooooooooooool!
3. Because they dont give a fuck about anything!
4. Because " Negative thiking " ," Around the world " and " Impossible " are amazing!
5. Because even though they 've got that stupid pop-punk feeling in their songs, they are the exact opposite of those posh,dead boring,idiotic bands!
6. Because their live shows are crazyyyy and chaotic!
7. Because they came out from " The Smell "...where Mika Miko started out too.....
8. Because of this photo..........


1 comment:

Sad Peter Pan said...

Hello!afou sou aresoun oi Deathset tsekare kai tous parakatw :

* Black Panda
* Deerhoof
* Erase Erata
* Ponytail

isws na breis kati endiaferon an den ta exeis akousei mexri twra!