Monday, 24 November 2008

songs we 'll be djing on friday @open bar!!

franz ferdinand - lucid dreams!(its already been on the radio but its their best song ever...)

love is all - wishing well! (in one word..AMAZING!)

hot silk pockets - whats the matter (its like love is all..fucking great!)

pete and the pirates - ____ (we 'll play anything from pete and the pirates..they are one of
our favourite bands..)

lets wrestle! - i wont lie to you ( cooooooooool!)

xx teens - darlin + the way we were ( uber coooooooool!)

los campesinos! - _____ (we 'll play anything from los campesinos too..absolutely great!)

we 're into a lot of music so probably we 'll just be djing through stuff we feel like listening to on this night..and thats post punk, indie and some new rave stuff....

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Italodisco said...

καλησπέρα φιλαράκι!