Monday, 9 June 2008

nothing lasts forever****the fall of Cutting Pink With Knives

Another band comes to an end.It's about what we were saying on Help She Can't Swim's post below.Cutting Pink With Knives are calling it to an end.They have been active for 3-4 years.Actually,reading their announcement,the way i see it,is that the whole thing didn't work cause it started with wrong purposes.
Here's the quote:
"Well, I started this band to get chicks, and to be totally honest, it hasnt worked.
Chris joined the band to fund his hair gel habit, and we've not made enough money.
Alex joined the band to get a foothold on the international stock market, but we've got no shares."
Where are the real rock 'n' roll stars?Why all this mess with bands that collapse in a maximum 5 year time?It's just sad,but at the same time it makes you mad.Mad about a revolution.A real thing.

They're gonna play 6 more shows,their last ones:

30 May 2008 Liverpool Sound City @ Korova w/ I was a cub scout and Rolo Tomassi!
31 May 2008 Bradford music week - Love apple 7.30pm onstage
14 Jun 2008 PARIS BRULE T IL? @ l'Inattendu w/ Ten Volt Shock, B Abuse and more!
5 Jul 2008 FARMFEST @ Aalbeke (Kortrijk)
11 Jul 2008 SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL!!, Birmingham w/Earth, Efterklang, Battles, Asva, Dalek, Harvey Milk and loads more!
19 Jul 2008 Rock Herk festival w/ Roni Size, Battles, Red Sparowes and more!!

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