Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Track Of The Day #74 is Magic Wands - Black Magic

Hello!Is it me or Arctic Monkeys and The Cribs (Broken Beats' favourite band btw..) have gotten boring?If you ask me, Arctics' new single sounds a lot like The Last Shadow Puppets. Dull, adult retro music..And The Cribs! I hope and pray this is not what their new direction sounds like...This is not "class".Previous stuff from The Cribs is "class" but this track doesn't even make the borderline. Talking 'bout fresh, new, exciting and good music now.. Magic Wands is exactly that! They are one boy and one girl, they are americans and you could definitely see their track "Black Magic" as the victory of pop music against the ultimate rock coolness of.. The Kills. That's right! If you are a Kills fan and been secretly chanting along to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" , then here is your new favourite band!
P.s: Rumour has it that Magic Wands will get enormously big in 2009!

This is really good too!

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