Sunday, 15 November 2009

Shock Defeat!

Is it just Broken Beats or finding new, good bands has gotten really tough these days(It must be Broken Beats probably..)?So, Shock Defeat is a disco/post-punk, 5-piece from London that sounds a little like this: " somewhere between the likes of Talking Heads, Can and Jonathan Richman and modern day disco punks such as The Rapture and !!! "

Anyway, there are 3 things that 'll fly straight in to yr head while listening to Shock Defeat:
1.Fuck, Shock Defeat are really good!
2.Yes, Shitdisco's singer has a voice duplicate somewhere in London..and
3.Shock Defeat suck for copying out Black Flag's 3-striped logo at their Myspace page, but thats ok...
Elsewhere, Shock Defeat have just released their debut EP called Olympic Village that you can listen to through soundcloud.Enjoy!

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