Sunday, 10 August 2008

Review-> Cazals - What Of Our Future[2008]

We've been rehearsing a lot,not so much time anyway.Many many albums,but what of it all is worth listening?Well,Cazals,it's probably about the worst album of the year.At least that's what i think.Actually it's not offering you more than any other mediorce indie rock album like the new Fratellis album.It's the same guitars,same lyrics,same everything,at the point that you conclude that someone they know[maybe the singer's mum]has given them away a Kitsune sign.If you really want to listen to other songs,then the one that you "can" give a listen to,without getting yourself killed,is Poor Innocent Boys."What Of Our Future",well,who said anything about your future?What a shame i was so delighted at first,couldn't wait to listen to Kitsune's new sign,here's the excuse,watch the video.


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