Monday, 18 August 2008

REVIEW 2008: Black Kids - Partie Traumatic

Two of them are really black. The afrocool singer Reggie Youngblood whose voice could be mistaken for robert smiths' voice (the cure singer) and his sister Ali Youngblood whose voice is pretty smooth. This album is what every indie pop album which respects itself should be. Pretty, catchy and... poppy! What if lyrics like "oh baby you drive me crazy" exist you can't help yourself but loving these "kids".And yeh, there's that all mighty single "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" which is great yeh but no chorus here can compete with the beautifull chorus of "hurricane jane"'s one.This one finds Reggie singing about a friday night spent alone..:
"It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody. Oh, what's the use of making a bed? I took something and it feels like karate; it's kicked me down and left me for dead. It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody, so what's the use of pulling a shape? I put what I want, when I want, in my body. I'm never gonna give what I take."

This album is pure gold, grab it!
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