Tuesday, 2 September 2008

ALBUM REVIEW-> Bloc Party - Intimacy[2008]

If you're looking for the second "Silent Alarm",then you're probably into the wrong band.Those guys are continuously evolving,they don't intend to write another exact same album so that most of us would love it.By this way they do care to save and unfold music and open up our minds as well.Using synths combined with cool indie guitar riffs is a great thing in their case.The album's opening couldn't be better.Russel Lissack is the man that knows how to fill up a song with the proper effects and riffs,his talent and devotion are beyond our reach.Intimacy finds Bloc Party at the top of their inspiration status and kinda heartbroken lyrically.The result is 10 great tracks that don't stick to formulas,varying from electronic rhythm tracks [Ares,Mercury,Halo,Trojan Horse,One Month Off] to slow melancholic tracks[Biko,Signs]."You get sadder the smarter you get and it's a bore",Kele Okereke is always singing about something that really concerns him and in Intimacy you can clearly understand it reading the lyrics.Those lyrics couldn't fit anywhere better than where Kele put them and created unique songs[Zepherus,Better Than Heaven,Ion Square]which appear to be the album's 3 last tracks.
It's not Silent Alarm,it's not A Weekend In The City.Each album has its own structure and feeling and they cannot be compared.No need to gain back their Silent Alarm fans when those guys save music by giving us something new,something great.
It's Intimacy,and one listen isn't enough to love it.


Tracks To Pick:All of them,no need to ask,10 tracks,10 ways to feel different.

Bloc Party Official Site

Bloc Party - Ares

Bloc Party - Biko

Bloc Party - Better Than Heaven


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