Sunday, 7 February 2010


the last 30 minutes were dedicated to dubstep
we had a great time
here is what we played:

1.broken bells - vaporize
2.beach house - norway
3.chew lips - slick
4.two door cinema club - undercover martyn
5.delphic - counterpoint
6.vampire weekend - cousins
7.good shoes - under control
8.los campesinos - there are listed buildings
9.the soft pack - answer to yourself
10.ok go - wtf? moth super rainbow - forever heavy
12.blur - brothers and sisters chip - hand down your love
14.cold cave - life magazine
15.pens - freddy
16.vivian girls - where do you run to
17.these new puritans - white chords
18.liars - no barrier fun
19.atlas sound - walkabout (with Noah Lennon)
20.caribou - odessa
21.james pants - i live inside an egg
22.fever ray - seven (martyn seventh remix)
23.joker - do it
24.rusko - cockney thug - where's my money (caspa remix)
26.zomby - one foot ahead of the other
27.starkey - gutter music v.i.p.
28.darkstar - videotape
29.burial - south london boroughs orbison - the shrew would have cushioned the blow

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