Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Sounds For Yr Old Ears:: The Young Friends

Well everyone has been going on and on about The Drums and how big they 're going to get in 2k10..Fuck that..The Drums are shit as far as surf-pop is concerned..(They also look stupid if you ask me..) The Young Friends on the other side are easily one of the bands waiting to be "huge" on the indie/blog-sphere since they sound a lot like The Drums although they 're far more better . The Young Friends are a 5-piece from Phoenix, US and they 've already released a free download debut ep called "North End/Sound End" on Holiday records. That ep must have been downloaded a lot since they stopped giving that away for free some months ago. So, enjoy The young Friends!Brang on about them in 6 months when they 'll be everyone's favourite new band..Just kiddin'..

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