Wednesday, 27 January 2010

FRESH:: Lightspeed Champion - Madame Van Damme (New Track)

Dev Hynes(or Lightspeed Champion) is back with his 2nd official album
as we have posted before,it's gonna be called
"Life Is Sweet,Nice To Meet You.",out on February 1st
Domino is giving away a song from the album,called
"Madame Van Damme"
it's simply brilliant,with a really catchy refrain
i fell in love with it instantly
According to Domino, the new album will be very inspired by American country, 70's guitar and classic piano
if the rest of the songs are like this one,
Dev Hynes can consider himself for the 2010 lists as well

share the headphones:

1 – Dead Head Blues
2 – Marlene
3 – There’s Nothing Underwater
4 – Intermission
5 – Faculty Of Fears
6 – The Big Guns Of Highsmith
7 – Romart
8 – I Don’t Want To Wake Up Alone
9 – Madame Van Damme
10 – Smooth Day (At The Library)
11 – Intermission 2
12 – Sweetheart
13 – Etude Op.3 ‘Goodnight Michalek’
14 – Middle Of The Dark
15 – A Bridge And A Goodbye

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