Sunday, 17 January 2010

Top 10 Albums To Look Forward To 2010 (Part 1)

in no particular order

The Strokes - Album #4
the boys will be back after a long long break
the band failed to make them disgusted of each other
so they are in the studio writing demos

why do we need this album?

because "indie" like we knew it is dying on mediorce-just good albums
or the bands are changing to something else that simply doesn't fit them
but Ze Strokes can save the garage-indie sound once again

Lcd Soundsystem - Album #3

are you sure Mr. Murphy? really? is your 3rd album the best?
after 2 modern classics what could be better?
i guess we will find out soon

why do we need this album?

because lcd were the first to mix electro/disco with punk/funk
what will be your life soundtrack other than an James Murphy album?

Daft Punk - Album #4
late last year there were rumors about specific live dates for 2010
for what we know, our next door robots are on their studio preparing their next album
let's hope it's true

why do we need this album?

they are the masters of dance music, the masters of live djing
if there's a chance you could see them live just do everyting you can to see them
if lcd soundsystem provide the soundtrack of our lifes then DP can provide the soundtrack of our nights

Klaxons - Album #2
label bastards made us wait one more year for the follow up
well, who should we blame? the label for considering album #2 too "weird"
or the band for agreeing?

why do we need this album?
because they were something brand new and fresh, they made glowsticks sound modern
they told us futuristic stories, they put colour on our clothes
we need stories about moon creatures that we can actually dance to

Burial - Album #3
Mr. Will Bevan must feel pretty naked, we know his name, we've seen his face
and he must produce another masterpiece which will hunt our souls again
listen to Forestcare on hyperdub compilation and you will be sure that he can do it

why do we need this album?
if some music can save our souls then that music would be Burial's

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