Sunday, 24 January 2010


the last 30-40 minutes were dedicated to our favourite tracks from the past couple of years
here is what we played:

1.late of the pier - broken
2.los campesinos - there are listed buildings
3.the soft pack - answer to yourself
4.good shoes - under control
5.franz ferdinand f. marion cotillard - the eyes on mars
6.spoon - before destruction chip - i feel better
8.vampire weekend - cousins
9.the drums - let's go surfing
10.girls - lust for life
11.beach house - norway
12.broken bells - vaporize
13.gnarls barkley - just a thought
14.james pants - a chip in the hand
15.these new puritans - hologram
16.yeasayer - ambling alp
17.liars - no barrier fun
18.wild beasts - looting & howling - die slow
20.errors - salut! france
21.battles - atlas
22.foals - mathletics
23.public image ltd. - this is not a love song
24.the rapture - heavem
25.lcd soundsystem - tribulations
26.nirvana - aneurysm (live at reading)
27.test icicles - what's your damage
28.bloc party - luno
29.klaxons - magick age - teen creeps
31.blood red shoes - it's getting bored by the sea
32.the cribs - i'm a realist
33.albert hammond jr - in transit

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