Tuesday, 26 January 2010

FRESH:: Rifoki

we all know what Steve Aoki and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo(The Bloody Beetroots) are up to
their new project is called
it is a new punk hardcore project and we had the chance to listen to some stuff some time ago
now they have decided to go with it and release some stuff
their first EP will be called
"Sperm Donor" and will be out in March

the track that they revealed to us a few minutes ago is the instrumental
"We Are Rifoki"
fast killer drums and quick guitar riffs make it sound really interesting in only just 58 seconds
imagine that with some crazy vocals filling in,their EP is gonna be sick
also they're launching their
debut live on April 24th at the The Palladium,Hollywood, CA
if you're living there,just don't miss it

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