Monday, 18 January 2010


from their official twitter

HeartsRevolution has been on a very long journey, 4 years to be exact. We set out with the intention to start a cultural revolution and to change the way music influenced people's lives, we wanted to make beautiful things (music/art) and not worry about doing it for anyone other than ourselves... That doesn't always work since with the way systems are set up because at the end of the day it still is a business but everyone around keeps telling us the music industry is dying... Nobody is buying music anymore.... We aren't really concerned with the business side of things. we believe if you create magic, the universe will always find a way to support. With that being said, we have been in the process of recording our first full length record, RIDE OR DIE, 13 songs with a video for each track. We are taking our time and not allowing the false time restrictions and deadlines that the world sometimes tries to project on you allowing you to real pressure and fear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. But that isn't the news.. Most of you know we have a fleet of cotton candy pink heartschallenger ice cream trucks in LA/NY. Well, we wanted to bring that experience to the kids around the globe. But, we didn't want to stop there... Since the beginning this project was about thinking outside the box, following your childhood dreams and trusting your heart. (This is the part where you all think i am bananas... drum roll please) For those who don't know what that is... They make the most beautiful crystals in the world. We are going to decorate one of our ice cream trucks with 100,000 crystals and make it sparkle and shine with light + love and we are going to document the creation of this masterpiece as well as behind the scenes to the making of the album and post it monthly. But, we need your help! So if anyone is interested in being part of this story and wants to put a little bit of magic back into this world, please email us tell us your name/location/zodiac/ and why you are a heartschallenger or heartsrevolutionary. HEART(s): The vital center and source of one's being, emotions REVOLUTION:an overthrow and replacement of a established system by the people. HEART(s): The vital center and source of one's being, emotions CHALLENGER: a person that challenges. Thank you for your consideration have a great last day of retrograde. Oh fuck, i am probably still half asleep because of going to the Julian Casablancas show last night... I almost forgot: with the release of the album, we are going to ship the crystallized ice cream truck anywhere in the world to do a gig on demand, based on where it/we are requested. Mexico city! Holler! Tokyo? Where you at? Portugal? S. Africa? Who knows... We are floating around in outer space, nobody really knows how we got here. So, if i am going to reside on planet earth, i will do it while touring inside a pink ice cream truck filled with international ice cream, candy, toys and float around the surface of earth spreading sunshine and inspiration to others. OK, let's go!

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