Sunday, 17 January 2010


this radio show was dedicated only to new tunes
a lot of electro and disco
we hope that you had a good time

1.doves - brazil (aeroplane remix)
2.the stereoheroes - hey you (from pony pony run)
3.o rapid - minor riot
4.acid washed - snake (alan gay remix)
5.phinz - atari disco
6.birdy nam nam - the parachute ending (the killers rabbit remix)
7.audionite vs fucked up - audiofuck
8.danger - 4h30 (f.o.o.l. remix)
9.proxy - dih dah
10.corpus de textes - find the little brother
11.amanda black - doin it right
12.undog - cold cold vodka (xxx bonus version)
13.detect - dance division (blende remix)
14.marshall banres - come get me
15.fckn crew - slaughter
16.gregor salto - unite (sidney samson remix)
17.felix cartal - skeleton (clockwork remix)
18.jackpot - brief encoiunter flagranti - ex ex ex (golden bug remix)
20.colin munroe - piano lessons (felix cartal remix)
21.pocket808 feat. nathan hudson - ghostship (hook n sling remix)
22.sbtrkt - right place
23.vyle - second city (rob threezy remix)
24.oncue - inhale,exhale (viking remix)
25.dka - nola
26.darcy warcy - salope
27.neus - take my dope (audionite remix)
28.the glass - superhero (komka remix)
29.tape deck bros - the dance of the dead
30.syke n sugarstarr & dbn feat cosmo klein - my belief (jean elan remix)
31.the subs - mitsubitchi (corpus de textes daft remix)
32.bodi bill - tip toe walk (siriusmo remix)
33.the sonixx feat. beta bow - lovehate
34.white feather - bang gang (black leather remix)
35.spencer and hill vs dave darell - it's a smash (spencer and hill mix) - blood candy - pets dance (bloody beetroots remix)
38.s-file & le trikot - vitamin
39.vyle - second city (rob threezy remix)
40.klaas - the way to go (herve mix)


Bevi said...

tks for include us in the list, but... where's the link?

evilplaymobils said...

hey,you're welcome!
we're sorry,but we weren't able to record the show,
we hope that from next week and on,we will provide links for the shows as well.
keep it up:)
BooS Crew