Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Top 10 Albums To Look Forward To 2010 (Part 2)

Justice - Album #2
busy p confirmed that the boys are locked up in their basement
there is so much excitement that there are over 5 fake "new justice tracks" on youtube
all these have the typical justice trademarks but they're too amateur

why do we need this album?
we need to d.a.n.c.e. and partyyyyyy
we need more "metal-disco" coz the whole nudisco thing is gonna bore us to death
something like the impact of Waters Of Nazareth or Phantom could save us

fake new track

Crystal Castles - Album #2

CC have started the recording of their 2nd album on December
Paul Epworth is the producer (Bloc Party,DFA1979,Babyshambles,The Big Pink)
and from what he said, the new album is gonna "change the rules of the pop game"

why do we need this album?
they are one of the most controversial bands of the decade
blame/enjoy the energy,blame/enjoy the antipopstar attitude,blame/enjoy their fake identity
and blame them for stealing from 8bit artists, but for me they are the only ones who gave some soul to this -not fully discovered- genre

track from their 2nd album

M.I.A. - Mission.Impossible.Area
“I wanted to make something that you could play that isn’t trendy just for three months, or the length of a DJ’s attention span,”
we've already heard their first single ( shitty quality though ) and we loved it
rusko produced it and let's hope he produced more for the album

why do we need this album?
she's the only artist who actually gives a fuck about the world without being pretendious
she's the only artist who can combine whatever instrument always with a great result
so the 3rd album should be a great celebration of her talent

new single

Soulwax - Album #2 (nite versions sound)
the masters of mash-ups & fast djing, the masters of electro production
the masters of remixes, the masters of the masters
will be back and they will teach all the kids how to write some great tracks

why do we need this album?
they are the definition of Electro Punk and the teachers of this scene
so anything new from them will give the whole sound/scene some fresh air
and possibly a new direction and approach

Rusko - Debut Album
rusko on the other hand is the master of dubstep
he's been working on his first proper album since late 2008 - early 2009
and it was supposed to come out on last September by Mad Decent records
so let's hope that the album will be out this year

why do we need this album?
since he's the master of dubstep and the one who brought it "overground" -NOT A BAD THING
i'm sure he can survive this process of making an album that will meet the expectations and an album that people can listen when they're home
(no wobble)
after all dubstep is possibly the next dance...

ps. i was going to include late of the pier but the latest news show no intention of them to record a full album, blueberry is just a special release (this track is older than the 1st album)

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