Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ALBUM:: These New Puritans - Hidden

back in 2008,we were impressed with their debut album "Beat Pyramid"
it didn't seem to follow any genre that year,but still it sounded totally fresh
2010 comes with their follow-up,called
and no,they still don't intend to make easy-memorable songs
they created a journey to the past in 11 tracks
it is like living in an old civilization
they have cleverly added choirs,and the record is not relied on guitars at all
it is definitely beat-driven while amazing synth sounds explode
the samples that they have used create a unique atmosphere,which can only transfer you to the past

it is not a safe path to follow on your second album,but these guys are worth a lot of respect for this work
so do them a favour,and try to keep the volume up so that you can totally feel it

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