Saturday, 6 December 2008


then!!! have u heard the new upcoming band?
the name
is Sergeant and i
truly believe they have a bright future!!!and it seems that i am not the only one who sees this!! after seeing them at proud art galleries in camden town( THE BEST BAR for live gigs and having a blast in camden i d say,, sooooooooooooooo original!!)i was impressed and so i searched for them on myspace!well guess what? sergeant has been chosen to support OASIS and The Fratellis on their tour around the UK!!now if that is not a sign of talent and a bright future what is? and i must admit their live was pretty good as well, definately got me and a few other people dancing and jumping round and about! give the four scottish boys a warm welcome and go onto their myspace and enjoy their songs!!!!!!!

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