Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The "revolutionary" Strokes

Some people say that the Strokes are one of most incredible
and unique bands that emerged from the music scene, the
last decade. On the contrary, others might say that they are
just another ordinary indie rock group. The truth is, that the
Strokes are the "saviors of rock 'n' roll" and the release of their
debut album"Is this It", 7 years ago, marked the beginning of
a new era.
With their first album, the band managed to break into the
mainstream and made indie and garage rock music very popular.
"Is this It" is one of most influential albums ever! Each and every
track contained in it, is a totally mind-blower. Songs such as "The
Modern Age", "Last Nite", "Hard to Explain" and " Take it or Leave
it" can be acclaimed as masterpieces.
Much respect to the Strokes!!!!!

take it or leave it!

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